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    We just purchased 2 hogs off of craigslist. I am so excited. The butcher called tonight to discuss cuts of meat. He said they are awesome hogs. He was super impressed and is going to buy some from the guy in the Fall. We got an awesome deal.

    We have an angus steer that the butcher will be doing for us in a few weeks.

    I feel silly being this excited.
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    I'm both excited for you and uber jealous!! Where do you live and how much did they cost??



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      I'm in Idaho. I purchased to pigs with a hanging weight of 369 total for $300. Plus it costs of butchering so the total should be @600 all said and done. The steer I am not sure on yet as I don't have a hanging weight yet. It is 1.90/lb. hanging weight plus .55/lb cut and wrap.


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        why would it be silly to be giddy? sounds *perfectly* normal to me!


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          Originally posted by betty74 View Post
          I feel silly being this excited.
          Don't feel silly, Betty. You should have seen the 'Snoopy Happy Dance' I did the last time
          I found a really good piece of Pork Belly


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            I was super happy when i opened up my grassfed steaks from the farmers market and saw how fatty they were!


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              LUCKY!!! I've been really wanting a side of pork, but haven't found a good source yet. I know there has to be something, since grass-fed beef is abundant here, but it's just been harder to find. That's a great deal too, I hope it tastes awesome!
              You are what you eat,
              and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                that is awesome! I cant wait to do things like this once i get more freezer space and more money!