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Thoughts on this commercial mayo?

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  • Thoughts on this commercial mayo?

    I've tried making mayo myself. It's always been a dismal fail. I don't use it a ton, but my kids do eat things like egg salad and tuna salad. I found this commercial mayo. What are your thoughts? Still horrible? Or okay on occasion?

    Ingredients: Expeller-Pressed High-Oleic Safflower Oil, Filtered Water, Brown Rice Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pea Protein, Sea Salt, Mustard Flour, Lemon Juice Concentrate

    PUF: 1 gram
    MUF: 7 grams
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    Should be fine, though where are the eggs?



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      ^^ same thoughts. no eggs???
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        It's actually Vegenaise. Weird, right? No eggs. Not sure how they make the stuff, which has me a little concerned. I'm guessing "pea protein" is the substitute for eggs.
        Female, 40 yrs old, 5', 120 lbs (post-pregnancy)
        Went Primal January 2, 2012!

        Paleo Cooking for Cavekids cookbook


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          Makes my stomach turn. Can't you sub sour cream or yogurt?

          I can't believe I'm posting a Dr. Oz link, and definitely minus the stevia, but this isn't bad.

          Greek yogurt mayo:

          Sour cream mayo:

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            I've been using high-oleic sunflower oil (from Trader Joe's for those who have it available) to make my own mayo and it works well. Mark seems to think it's ok as long as it's cold-pressed:
            Is it Primal? – Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ, Skyr, and Other Foods Scrutinized | Mark's Daily Apple

            The only thing that looks kinda weird to me is the pea protein, but I guess it's not the worst (at least it's not soy protein; that would be a definite "avoid").

            This method using an immersion/stick blender works very well for me:
            The Food Lab: Homemade Mayo In 2 Minutes Or Less (Video) | Serious Eats


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              Originally posted by banananutmuffin View Post
              It's actually Vegenaise.
              I tried that stuff exactly once, probably not too dangerous but it has zero flavor. If you're okay with sour cream, it can be thinned to the desired consistency with lemon or vinegar for just about every purpose.

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                Mayonnaise is very easy to make when using immersion blender. You don't even have to worry about adding the oil gradually and super slowly. I no longer eat mayo, but I used to make it sometimes using that method. Never got a failed batch.


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                  I use the vegannaise sometimes. Tastes pretty good, actually. I don't think it'll kill you. It's just a condiment.

                  What I've wondered is why can't you just toss a couple egg yolks and some olive oil in your tuna salad and just mix it all up.
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                    High oleic is better than not but... There's always 20%, and it's not canola or soy at least. Is it good for you? Probably not. Do the kids dislike the homemade stuff too? I have hated mayo for 24 years but just the other week made a descent mayo after three failures (I use it for hot smoked salmon pate). Maybe you just need to try a different recipe?

                    I still prefer strained yogurt to mayo 99% of the time.

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                      My non-primal housemate buys classic Best Foods Mayo. I have some once or twice a week. Big deal.
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                        I'm with you here, Hedonist2. We have Hellman's olive oil mayo and I have it a couple times a month for tuna or egg salad. Not enough consumption to make my own, that's for sure. I don't lose any sleep over this one.


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                          As others have said, an immersion blender is awesome for making perfect mayo every time in just a few seconds.

                          Find a jar that is only slightly wider in diameter than your immersion blender. To bottom of jar add 2 TBSP lemon juice, 1 tsp dry mustard, 1/2 tsp salt 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk. Place immersion blender in jar, add 1 cup of oil (I use light olive oil or avocado oil), start pulsing and slowly lift blender up. I had so many failed mayo attempts prior to this method and now it turns out perfect and thick every time!

                          eta: If I'm making tuna or salmon salad I just skip the mayo and just use olive oil instead.


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                            I tried the immersion blender method (watched a bunch of youtube vids). Tried it in a regular blender. Tried it with an electric mixer. All fails. Very expensive fails. I'm not willing at this point to keep experimenting.

                            The kids are starting to adjust to greek yogurt for their "ranch" dip. Maybe I'll try it in their tuna salad. I just kinda hate to waste it if they don't eat it.
                            Female, 40 yrs old, 5', 120 lbs (post-pregnancy)
                            Went Primal January 2, 2012!

                            Paleo Cooking for Cavekids cookbook


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                              I have a related question that a patient brought up to me.....I don't enjoy mayo, but I give out recommendations that include pretty much a ban on commercial seed/soybean oils.

                              Apparently though, a patient reported to me that if you go to a normal grocery store, ALL of the mayo has a first ingredient of SOYBEAN OIL!?

                              What the hell? How does that work? Mayo is made of eggs, period. Always been that way. Why is soybean oil used, for those more knowledgeable on food ingredients than me?
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