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Fast food: Is there ANY actual evidence/science that it's unhealthy ??

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  • Fast food: Is there ANY actual evidence/science that it's unhealthy ??

    I'm just wondering just how poisonous fast food truly is. What are the facts?
    Not the emotional reactions that "It's bad!! Are you serious?"
    Not circular reasoning like "Fast food is unhealthy b/c it's bad for you!"
    Not subjective opinion like "It tastes like crap! I get hives!"
    (Maybe you've convinced yourself you LOVE the taste of dry broccoli, but fast food is scientifically proven to be tasty: Fat, salt, sugar)
    The above is not logic, science, and reasoning. I want facts only.

    People immediately knee-jerk and say how horrible and dangerous fast food is.
    They even equate it to poison. Yet, if it were poison, wouldn't the FDA ban it?
    Clearly, millions of people eat fast food, and don't drop dead on the spot.
    It is literally not poison. Fact.

    Fast food has high sodium. Is there evidence salt will kill you? The blood pressure link was debunked years ago.
    Fast food has fat. Is there evidence fat will kill you?
    Fast food has GMO. Is there evidence GMO will kill you?

    Then people cite calories and portion control as a negative of fast food. But this is different than unhealthy poison food. But, overeating is not the fault of fast food and doesn't make fast food inherently poisonous. You can also overeat at Whole Foods and get 5 lbs of hot buffet bar. So, let's avoid red herrings like "Well, the 64 oz super duper soda and 1000 calories quadruple stacker burger is bad for you" That's obvious. But, if you control for portion size, just how poisonous is fast food? ie: What if a person just eats a side salad and a small 250 calorie burger? Is he eating poison that is rotting out his insides?

    Also, people immediately cite "deep fried" as why fast food is horrible. But, the majority of fast food is not fried. So, this is also weak logic. Is non-fried fast food poison that will rot out your insides?

    I want facts only. Specific additives that are proven to be carcinogenic.
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    It depends on what you order. I'm guessing a lot of fast food is processed.


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      I don't trust the FDA with a stick to know what to ban and what not to ban. Case in point: Statins.

      Also, the FDA wouldn't have the ability to ban fast food. They don't set dietary guidelines in the U.S., the USDA does. Besides, they never would, even with irrefutable evidence it's bad for us. U.S. Food interests and agribusiness lobbies would see to it that it never happened.

      So the fact that it's not banned is not proof it's NOT bad for us.
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        Yes, every time I eat it I feel like shit.


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          It's standardized, highly processed, CAFO, lots of additives....
          There are things you can buy in the grocery store that are equally poor quality though, so for people who eat those things it's probably comparable.


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            Who cares if it's actually "poisonous" it tastes like crap! If you need science to convince you that it's not okay to eat fast food, be my guest, have my share! I'd rather fast than eat flavors manufactured in a lab and made by machines. I don't only eat for my health, I eat for flavor. Nor do I need the FDA to tell me what's good to eat.
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              This is a little bit like asking "Why is arsenic bad for you? I see how people used to drink it for medicine, but they didn't die immediately."

              -- Simply put, it is unbelievably highly processed with caloric bombs that would be impossible without industrial food technologies. By this I mean that one can eat a standard meal, and within it there will be fat/carbs/sugar/fat that as no match in actual human food....and to add to it, it is all nearly devoid of fiber. This means that it is digested extremely quickly, with hormonal responses exaggerated to match it. Natural food is NEVER capable of those kind of macros without fiber.
              -- The additives to it have never been tested long-term in humans. I am talking about putting the stuff that yoga mats are made of into meat to make it more "spongy", or any of the thousand of other additives like it.
              -- No one with functioning brain cells is calling it "poison", in the same sense that cyanide is is called industrial food. This makes it, almost by definition, not "human food".

              I would write more, but it feels unnecessary. It is not exactly controversial to say that if I can eat a quarter pounder and fries at McDonalds, taking in about 3500 cal without any fiber in it hardly at all, that this is probably not good for you. Add that it is bathed in additives, highly inflammatory oils, on and on. I mean really? This is an actual question?
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                These days, the seed oils are the obvious downside.



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                  The veg. oils and grains are the main problems I have with fast food from a health perspective. I'd eat the meat (like the un-bunned burgers, not the "chicken" nuggets) and the veg without a worry. Not every day though, because it's just junky quality stuff. If you think it's good for you, go eat a diet comprised of lots of it and report back to us.
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                    is there any evidence that it's NOT unhealthy?

                    yeah you are

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                      Googling FDA and trans-fats: Trans Fat

                      The FDA considers trans-fats as no longer "generally recognized as safe."

                      The FDA moves pretty slowly and is influenced by industry, but they ARE targeting the unhealthful ingredients in fast-food. THat doesn't mean that all fast-food is unhealthy. Just a lot of it.

                      Trans-fats are used in fast-food to fry things. A lot of fast-food is fried. Have you ever worked in a fast-food restaurant that had a deep fat frier? I did. The boss changed the oil once a week. He'd pour these heavy 5 gallon jugs into the friers. I don't even remember how many jugs it took. That shit was heavily oxidized. The only thing that kept it edible for so damn long was being partially hydrogenated. That's trans-fat.

                      To tell the restaurant industry they now have to use lard (which the public would reject but would allow restaurants to change the oil infrequently) or use non-trans fat oils (which would require them to change the oil more frequently) would cost the restaurant industry a lot of money. So they hem and haw to buy time for the restaurant industry to accept their fate.
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                        I wouldn't say categorically that fast food is bad. Just like slow food (nice restaurant), or home cooked isn't inherently good.

                        On the other hand if you have this image of a kid eating fried chicken, french fries, giant sodas and apple pies every meal then that is very bad. These kids don't even know what broccoli or cauliflower are -- not to mention brussell sprouts, squash, etc.

                        Chiptole is an example of fast food that can be pretty healthy if you choose carefully.


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                          Srs? I'm bored so I'll answer.

                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          Yet, if it were poison, wouldn't the FDA ban it?
                          With their history, I wouldn't trust the gov. to tie my shoe laces if I could.
                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          Clearly, millions of people eat fast food, and don't drop dead on the spot.
                          Food can be the most powerful medicine or the slowest poison. In the case of fast food its the later. Do you seriously think people aren't dieing because of the amount of fast food consumed in this country and any other that has adopted fast food?
                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          Fast food has high sodium. Is there evidence salt will kill you?
                          Thats not even close to the problem people have with fast food.
                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          Fast food has fat. Is there evidence fat will kill you?
                          No, at least not fat in general. Trans fats and rancid seed oils on the other hand...
                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          Fast food has GMO. Is there evidence GMO will kill you?
                          Like I said, slowest poison.
                          Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                          What if a person just eats a side salad and a small 250 calorie burger? Is he eating poison that is rotting out his insides?
                          No. One burger, is not a problem. 30 years of burgers + lack of other essential nutrients because your replacing them with this junk = problem.
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                            Speaking of government and nutrition how many people are familiar with US public school lunches. I would generally classify them as poor quality fast food.

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                              There really isn't much incentive to prove that it is unhealthy because you'd have to put thousands and millions of ingredients under the microscope for decades to know how each one impacts human health. Like Lazarus said, it's industrial food and there isn't any evidence that it's better or even healthier for human consumption. We know that foods found in nature are beneficial to us and that industrial foods are nothing like foods in their natural state.

                              Sodium... not unhealthy at all, but context matters. For the same reason you can't drink sea water, it's also not a good idea for the average person to consume 5,000-6,000mg of sodium in one meal. Fats... again, NOT unhealthy but context matters because vegetable oils don't come like that in nature. They go through a lot of processing to become useful to the industry, but this also retards them by exposure to high temperatures. Nowhere in nature do most humans have access to the amount of polyunsaturated oils used to cook these industrial foods. You could use the nut and seed argument but have you ever tried to pick nuts and seeds from nature? It takes machinery to get the amount of oils on supermarket shelves; doing it by hand would take days if not weeks and a village of people pitching in to help.

                              And as far as GMOs go, who is going to pay to prove these are bad for us when big agri is paying big $$$ to prove that it's "safe" for human consumption in their twisted definition of safe. Cigarettes won't kill you in a week, but after 30-40 years of smoking a pack a day, most people have accumulated many negative side effects. Insidious comes to mind...

                              Anyway, calories are one thing, nutrition is another. Anything that displaces nutrition for "empty" calories may not be inherently bad but not optimal. Sure, some fast food now and then won't hurt you in the long term, but if you eat it regularly, you have to know that you are missing out on nutrients we have established are good and necessary because these industrial foods don't contain them. So while the foods themselves may not be harmful in the immediate, the long term effects of malnutrition by displacement is how and why these foods are harmful even without studies to show why each ingredient is bad for you.

                              The only argument needed to avoid regular consumption of fast food is: Does it cover all of my nutritional needs without exceeding my caloric needs? Unlikely. Am I displacing nutrient-dense foods for nutritionally-void food? Most likely. These foods are low in nutrients and super high in calories. A recipe for weight gain and malnutrition. It's not only possible but likely that most obese individuals are actually malnourished.
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