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What's the deal with trans fats in ground beef?

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  • What's the deal with trans fats in ground beef?

    There is about 4g of trans-fats per lb or ground beef, no matter what quality.
    Even the 100% grass fed, no antibiotics, no nothing, organic...

    There naturally or... what's the story?

    Any idea?
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    That would be mostly CLA and another one that I can't remember the name of. Very beneficial stuff; people pay a lot of money to supplement with this stuff but it comes free in beef. Grass-fed has many times more than grain-fed.
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      Yes, there are some naturally occurring trans fats. Supposedly the ones from hydrogenated products are worse for you, but I don't know.


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        Lately it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between real things and the marketing BS that goes with nutrition...
        I wasn't freaking out for those trans-fats because I'm sure it's not toxic since it's in the organic grass fed ones. It's not like I'm eating margarine.

        Since this trans-fat "crisis" started a while ago I was trying to understand WHY trans-fats ... the "bad ones" are bad? I have background in biochemistry and my intellect is over average but I really didn't found any substantial proof/studies that show solid evidence about the matter.

        The worst thing I got out of it is that it destabilizing the integrity of the cell membranes for some reason, because they have a much lower melting point temperature (which makes it a favorite for the packaging and food industry). But this "fact" is just a speculation...



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          CLA is one of the predominant fats in breast milk too.