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  • Protein powder?

    What's the best (i.e. closest to primal) protein powder available? I don't use it every day & don't intend to, but it sure can be convenient when I'm in a rush, especially on those super-early mornings when I'm going fishing or hunting.

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    I have used 100% pure egg white powder to make my own protein shakes with and had very good results. It's highly unlikely that the eggs used were from organic cage free hens but it's the closest to primal I have ever come across. I prefer to stay away from whey protein powders myself... and far away from soy protein powder.

    Whole foods were, are and always will be your best source of primal protein.
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      Since it's from dairy, some will disagree, but I like NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate (unflavored and no sweetener--two HUGE plusses for me).
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        If theres a GNC a few blocks from me and I want to pick up some protein powder for breakfast shakes, what do I get?

        I watch this guy on youtube a lot, Sean Croxton from UnderGround Wellness, who recommends Jay Robb's protein as a good brand. Anybody other brands typically sold at GNC that might be good? Oh yeah and also Low Carb/Low Sugar??

        I actually discovered the Primal Blueprint from Sean!


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          I went to a GNC a few months ago, and all the protein powder they had was full of crap.
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            Vitamin Shoppe has a bigger selection of protiens. What does egg protein taste like? Is it chalky like whey?
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              Try to find a brand of protein powder (whey) that use no sweetener and no additive. Gluten free would be better.
              Otherwise, Greg is pretty much spot on. Whole foods > protein powder.

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                Yeah I have been doing the bacon and eggs thing for the past couple weeks but I have been really craving a nice cold protein shake in the morning lately.

                I think GNC is improving. Most have an all natural section now with things like coconut oil, Braggs ACV, essential oils...etc..

                Still, if anyone still has a brand they recommend please post!


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                  I use egg protein and I order it online from it is very good and priced well but there shipping department is horrible and usually takes more than a week to get to you.


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                    Whole foods better.

                    If you want to avoid whey, do egg whites.

                    If you don't mind whey, pick one without the bad artificial sweeteners and other junk. I pony up the $$$ for Jay Robb's, definitely a fan.


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                      I use grass-fed, no hormone fermented goat milk protein - no sweeteners.