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Yet another Omega 3 question...

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  • Yet another Omega 3 question...

    So this is my first post on this forum even though I've been lurking for like a year (sorry)
    ANYWAY it's about me having the runs, so isn't that delightful!

    Omega 3 supplements give me the craps.
    I eat salmon like 4 times a week (which also kinda gives me tummy troubles but not as badly) do I really need more Omega's?
    Do you think cod liver oil would give me issues the same way??
    I'd really only be taking it for acne purposes, otherwise I feel fine.
    So ya, thanks!!

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    Originally posted by Spock81 View Post
    Do you think cod liver oil would give me issues the same way??
    Your condition may not be isolated to just Omega-3 oils. It could be the additional fat is causing your distress.
    Before you eliminate the O-3s experiment and see if it's the fat.
    Skip the O-3 and add butter or coconut oils and see if you notice an improvement. It could take some time to acclimate to a higher fat diet or you may need to find a more compatible supplement.
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      I'd be interested in this as well. My roomate has the same problem, but he switched to a higher concentration epa/dha pill so he had to take less and that took care of it for him. We never did find out what caused it in the first place though.


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        I wouldn't think omega-3 would case digestion issues either. If you're eating a pretty large portion of salmon 4x/week you might not need to supplement. It depends on your omega-6 intake. If it's pretty low (pastured/grass-fed meats and eggs, low nut intake, etc), you can probably skip supplementation.


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          Well I've been on a fairly high fat diet for a while, I eat coconut oils (avoid dairy cause of acne stuff) avacado, fatty meats, nuts etc... it seems to be mainly the salmon stuff.