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  • More good news about Marrow

    Good Morning ! How was your breakfast/workout/fast? I myself had 7 oz of grassfed sirloin and a couple ounces of beef marrow. It is becoming one of my favorite AM meals....

    But I am still a little curious about marrow, so I was gooling it, and came across some great reports. Here are some snippits:

    In an article listed at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
    website titled, “Ape-Man; Adventures in Human Evolution”

    the following is stated:

    “As Prof. Leslie Aiello (University College London) points out, bone
    marrow is highly nutritious, and contains many important elements for
    brain growth and development. It also takes much less energy to digest
    than plant food. Scientists have shown that brain size was beginning
    to increase in the later australopithecines, and it could all be down
    to bone marrow as brain food.”

    At a website called, I found an article titled
    “Meat Eating More Healthy in Prehistoric Times”, dated 28-Mar-2002.

    in which the authorstates,

    “This rules out farmed foods such as dairy products, refined cereals,
    added fats and salt. Instead, we should eat lean meat, fish, fresh
    fruit and vegetables. The best parts of the meat are the oily brain
    and bone marrow, since these are rich in healthy fats.”

    Louis Arkson Inc., a manufacturer of Health Food Supplements and Skin
    Care products, sells a product called Vita-Bone Marrow

    They state the following:

    “Bone Marrow is the essence of all vertebralis. It contains all of the
    necessary nutrients to the human body, such as proteins, vitamins,
    complex B, minerals (calcium , magnesium, zinc ). Bone Marrow also
    contains Lecithin and Methionine.

    I havnt been to the product site, but i thought i would share this.

    If youre still wondering where to get marrow, go to whole foods and put in an order for grassfed center cut marrow bones. They are shockingly cheap and the meat mongers will be pretty helpful, they always are to me. mmmmm gona go lick my plate now
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    Thanks for the tip, I think I will call my whole foods now as I keep forgetting to hunt around for bones.

    Question, how do folks usually eat their marrow? Just with the meat, or plain? I have eaten marrow years ago, before going Gluten free, and that was on toast. Now when I think about it I sort of feel a little intimidated to eat it plain.
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      Mark has some good tips for doing marrow at home

      I put them in a foil lined pan for 15 ish minutes at 375F. As the tend to vary in size, just keep an eye on them, and take them out when they are good and bubbly on top. I take them straight from the freezer to the oven, but you can take one out to thaw in the fridge the night before and cut down on the cooking time probably. My favorite way to eat it is slathered all over a steak. But you can scoop out the marrow and eat it with anything, really. Slathered all over some fish would be great too, im sure.


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        quick sear or quick roasting...scopp it out... eat haha
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