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  • Juicing ?

    Is anybody here into juicing thier fruits or veggies at all ? I was just wondering if it would fit anywhere in the PB lifestyle.
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    I love my juicer but I haven't used it since November 0 when I started the PB lifestyle. So I shall be interested to see what replies you get!


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      Yeh, I'm concerned that by juicing it might make my carb intake to high or affect my insulin in a negative way.


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        nope. pointless. Though juicing veggies might have potential for adding flavour in cooking. I'll have to think about that.

        Maybe occasionally if you reeeaaallly want a fruit-n-veg flavoured drink. (I'm partial to orange, carrot, apple, celery, carrot and ginger juice) but way too many carbs to be worth it. Definitely not on a daily basis.


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          We have a juicer that's been just collecting dust on our counter for months now. I was thinking about coming up with some cucumber blueberry concoction or cucumber, spinach, and lemon grass - just haven't gotten creative yet.

          I agree that the juice we used to have regularly (apple and carrot) is just too high in carbs to do right now since we're still trying to keep our carbs down. Maybe once reach our goals we can add them in as the occasional treat.

          If anyone has any great recipes or sites they could recommend - I'd love to see them, too!
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            What about straight veggie juice - like celery? I know that celery juice helps to eliminate excess liquid from the body. i was actualyl thinking of having a celery juice during an IF - would that ruin the fast?


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              I have my magic bullet I use on occasion, but for me most juicers waste too much of the fruit. The roughage is really good afor you nd seems pointless to throw out.
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                It can be pretty easy to overdo it on juices. If you drink your food instead of eating it, your body won't necessarily get the same signals indicating when you've had enough.

                (also, I like veggies in their solid form. yes, I'm weird.