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  • breakfast rut

    Help! I am stuck in a rut with breakfast. I am primal but eat dairy...trying to reduce dairy but finding it hard. Every morning I have a bowl of plain, whole organic yogurt ( usually goats milk, but sometimes cow) with a chopped up half apple, hazelnuts and coconut flakes and cinnamon. I love it so much - but i know it is a high carb breakfast for the primal diet if I wnt to lose some weight. I am not excited by the idea of eating eggs or meat int he morning....any other good (quick) breakfast suggestions?

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    Skip it.


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      a big hunk of fish
      a big serving of scallops
      loads of steamed spinach and cheddar
      shrimp and avocado
      whey protein smoothie with almond butter and coconut oil
      a big mug of coffee with heavy whipping cream

      youre going to have to think outside the breakfast box whilst living primally! why no meat or eggs in the morning?
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        I had a lot of trouble breaking out of the "breakfast must include dairy and not be savory" rut! I ended up doing a pretty slow transition, so for a while I would have my yogurt with coconut and fruit with a savory "side" like a hardboiled egg. The trick was I had to eat the egg before the yogurt, since I found it easier to eat the savory stuff when hungrier. Then I just gradually reduced the dairy/fruit side of things while adding to the meat and eggs. Now I really look forward to having eggs, bacon, seafood, veggies, etc in the morning and just sometimes have a few berries sprinkled with coconut along side my "real" breakfast.


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          Try some avocados. They're not as heavy as eggs and meat in the morning.


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            I'm in weight loss mode, and eggs just don't have enough protein to satisfy me long term. For some time, my breakfast has been tuna or salmon 'salad'--a few ounces of the fish mixed with chopped celery and mayo (mixed with tumeric).

            On weekends, I'll often make eggs with a bison burger (eggs on top of the burger).

            Breakfast is usually my main meal, and I eat lightly the rest of the day.


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              No matter what I try, I cannot get the hang of eating breakfast. I've been doing OK having heavy cream in my coffee and my vitamins which keeps me going until later in the morning when I have a hard boiled egg.

              This morning, I don't have much to pack a lunch so my breakfast was coffee with cream, a few sips of coconut oil, omega-3 and cal-mag & D. My egg is in my purse


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                I just had a salad for breakfast - greens, leftover cooked pork, and a dressing made from coconut milk and curry powder. I used to be the "I can only eat BREAKFAST FOOD at breakfast!" type but I got over it. =P
                "mayness, you need to have a siggy line that says "Paleo Information Desk" or something!" -FMN <3

                I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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                  I see you also wanted something 'quick'. So i definetly think you should go buy some avocados, and a few lbs of fish. Cut the fish into 6 oz portions, and freeze them individually. The night before, take a portion out to thaw in the fridge. In the morning pop it under the broiler with some coconut oil for 5 ish minutes. in the meantime peel your avocado. thats basically fast food!


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                    My breakfast during the week:

                    4 oz coconut milk
                    8 oz water
                    1 scoop casein protein



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                      I eat VERY little dairy. Here's a sample of breakfasts that I rotate:

                      eggs over easy + bacon
                      eggs over easy + veggies (asparagus is my favorite, I like to dip it in the yolks yum!)
                      thin egg omelettes stuffed with meat and/or veggies
                      smoothie (current fav: 1/2 a blender raw spinach + 1/2 can coc milk + huge dollop almond butter + 1/4-1/2 a banana + a handful of frozen berries)
                      Big salad
                      leftover meat from the night before
                      hot tea + 1TBSP coc oil stirred in it
                      lettuce & smoked salmon wraps
                      banana & almond butter pancakes

                      With the exception of the pancakes, those are all really quick. I chop up the veggies the night before, if I'm having them.


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                        Thanks for all these suggestions. I really am stuck in the "Breakfast must reesemble cereal in some way", I am doing an IF now, 18 hours - will be my first one, I am excited about it. and tomorrow...I wil have eggs for breakfast. Maybe reward myself with some almond butter banan pancakes this weekend.

                        Thanks !


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                          How can you not be excited about bacon and eggs?!


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                            I know someone obsessed with "paleo crunch", eats it with coconut milk. Google Steve's club (who makes it), maybe that'll get you through!

                            I prefer to eat some chicken w/ skin w/ either butter or a couple pieces of bacon & keep it pretty close to 0 carb b/c then I feel better for my workout roughly 3 hours later.
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