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  • Food additives complaint

    I learned several years ago that petroleum-based food additives set off my Tourette Syndrome, mainly the facial tics. These are annoying, so I avoid those additives. Recently I have been trying to eliminate dairy, and doing gluten along with it just to be thorough.

    Today I looked up milk-derived food additives, and got distracted looking up specific additives in certain supplements I take regularly. I take salt tablets to help my neurally mediated syncope, so I looked up the ingredients.

    What should happen to be in my salt tablets? Crospovidone. This is some kind of polymer. I can't find the source on the internet, but I bet it is petroleum. They also contain corn products. And then I found out that B-vitamins can be made from petroleum, too. So this might be why I have had some reisdual tics despite eliminating every petroleum additive I knew about.

    Does anyone here know about crospovidone or B vitamins? I would like better information than internet rumor mongering, but I don't have time right now to do a serious search.

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    Liver and eggs and oysters covers your b vitamins. Burn those pills. What's wrong with normal salt?
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      A pharmacist might be able to give you more information. Maybe the/she can help you find supps without the problem ingredients...not sure if they can help with supps, but seems worth a try.
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        What's wrong with regular salt? The amount I need to maintain normal blood flow to my brain. I really don't want to put 2g of salt on my food each day, and swallowing whole spoonfuls is nasty.


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          Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          crospovidone is Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
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            I thought salt pills burnt ulcers into the stomach. Not true?
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              No ulcers here. I have never heard of that. But then the ones I have been taking also have some potassium. Maybe that helps?