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  • fiber

    Hey new to you subtract fiber from daily carb count for total carb intake? Also, what is the recommended fat in grams per day? I'm a 5'8" female and weigh 137lbs.

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    no, you shouldn't be subtracting anything from your total carbs. i weigh 120 and am 5'6'' and I average around 90 grams of fat per day, if that helps any.

    Good luck and keep reading in the archives, that usually helps answer a lot of questions i have.
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      I've heard that fiber prevents the absorption of least that was put out by the zone diet folks.


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        We have an amount of carbs in grams that's recommended but your fat and protein will be as a percentage based on your current weight, what your goals are and your activity level. Your fat percentage should probably be somewhere in the range of 60 to 70% of your total calories.


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            Originally posted by Melbyrd View Post
            I've heard that fiber prevents the absorption of least that was put out by the zone diet folks.
            It slows the absoorption of carbs. If absorption of glucose into the blood stream is rapid, the pancreas freaks out and secretes a lot of insulin because too much glucose in the blood stream is very toxic and glycates the hell out of important stuff; in this situation there is likely going to be an "over-shoot" of insulin. If the fiber slows the digestion and absorption, the pancreas is less likely to over-shoot insulin and so you don't get more insulin than is appropriate for the amount of carbs that you ingested.

            In the PB you're not going to be consuming anything that causes such a fast absorption.
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              Thanks for all the info! Is there a specific calculator or reading on the blog that tells you what your basic protien/fat consumption should be based on height, weight, activity? I understand the fat being 60-70 percent of total. Just need to know where I should start from.