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Fish oil for skin allergies

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  • Fish oil for skin allergies

    So I took my son to the vet today. My son happens to be a almost 70 pound english bulldog. He is losing some of his hair and the Dr told me that he is having skin allergies and to give hime fish oil pills. Any evidence that this helps with skin allergies?

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    Not sure about allergies, but I know our lab never had such a shiny coat until we started giving her fish oil.


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      I'm not a bulldog (I am English though!)... and I did start vitamin D and the PB at around the same time as omega 3 capsules, so I can't be sure it was them but...
      I get allergic skin reactions to waxes, oils, "fake leather" that often lines shoes, plasters, etc etc. I would start itching within 5 minutes and after 10 I'd need some serious antihistamine cream or I'd be left with welts that would stay raised until I pumiced them off over the next 6 months.
      Since changing my diet, I haven't had a reaction like that. Now, I've not deliberately tested it, but I've worn those kinds of shoes and had odd plasters on for half an hour or so.
      Also, it's well known CW that "good fats" help your skin remain / become supple (I saw all over the place that those dry / bumpy back-of-the-upper-arm areas could be solved by fish oil, olive oil, etc).

      I'd say worth a shot
      If capsules are expensive try feeding him oily fish, canned salmon, cod liver oil....


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        Thanks everyone. Its weird how your pets become like kids to you.