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new study results: animal protein increases risk for diabetes

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    Hubby was Severely Diabetic pre-primal... he no longer test as diabetic since we went primal. at all... Nuff said
    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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      Originally posted by Yettekov View Post
      As a "prediabetic type 2" I have been watching my diet and checking to see what get's my blood sugar's up. I can tell you that my levels go into the normal range when I eat a meat and greens diet! If I add fruits or anything slightly sweet I can watch it climb. Diet change and exercise will keep me in the normal range.
      With time and a little effort you might well be able to thrive with fruits in your diet again. I don't know how long you've been 'low carbing' and I'm certain it's a great first step in turning your health around. I hope though, that you will not give up on having a moderate carb intake eventually.

      Ultimately insulin resistance isn't cured with a low carb diet. It is merely managed. Taking this route too far can actually make you less insulin resistant than you are now.

      Plenty of people around here have been down a similar road 'round here and can help with their observations.

      Again - Congratulations on your progress!
      What have you done today to make you feel Proud?


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        Eating Fast food burgers qualifies as a high meat diet. Nobody with any sense would argue it's healthy.
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          I ate a lot of animal protein when I ate lots of lasagna, sandwiches and cheese fries. Means nothing.