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Age, Hormones and Sudden Sweet Cravings

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  • Age, Hormones and Sudden Sweet Cravings

    I turned 48 this year. I have been pretty happy with my body on the PB plan. I work out regularly and keep the diet quite clean. I'm 5'3, and 115 to 119 lbs (depending upon number of "cheats").

    Suddenly, I am having a hard time resisting sweets. Dark chocolate has always been my vice, but lately I want more fruit, or I'll eat a few jelly beans at work (that is VERY out of character). I even made a habit of busting into the Nestle's morsels in the office fridge.

    I think stress is a factor. I seem to succumb more often when I'm at the office (I'm there 2 or 3 days a week and work from home the rest of the week). I live in the "country", 50 miles from my office. So, when I go to work it is a big deal...I pack up and stay over night. On the way there, I'm planning my stop for a dark chocolate bar (hardly eat them at home).

    Maybe I'm making too big a deal of the weekly travel. But, it is kind of stressful. Also, my office is a "nice" place, but some people in management are very cut throat in many ways (I'm a director). Quite stressful.

    So, I'd like any suggestions. What are other women around my age doing to manage hormones and stress? Should I consider doing a saliva hormone test (I did a blood test last year and it was good). If I got rid of the stress, would everything else gel (hard to just quit my job).

    Thanks for any input!

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    Have you changed your eating habits recently? How many times a day are you eating? Are you sure you're eating enough? Most people, I've noticed, seem to stray to snacking when they aren't eating enough or are eating too infrequently for their needs.
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      Good question and point. I think in the back of my mind I have concerns about cholesterol (family history of heart disease). Mine was getting on the "high-ish" end last year. My dr. wasn't concerned (he respects paleo).

      So, I think I've been trying to eat less red meat, and more good fat. But, then, what fat b/c I don't do well on coconut nor on dairy (do eat ghee). So, I get kind of stuck. (Note that I just discovered Barlean's coconut oil and find it to be palatable...not certain that I digest it well so time will tell.)

      Here's a typical day:
      Breakfast - 2-3 soft-boiled eggs with a pat of ghee.
      Lunch - salad or veggies. Chicken or red meat.
      Dinner - steak (2-3 nights a week...less so lately)

      Snack on nuts (macademia, sunflower seeds, almond butter).

      When at the office, I eat an entire dark chocolate bar throughout the day (that's A LOT of caffeine for me and messes up my sleep).

      Hmmm. That's not a whole lot of food.

      I feel bloated these days and working out helps. But, then I get more hungry and cheat more.

      Ugh. Would like input. What else can I eat???

      This has never been an issue. Until recently, I'd been very strict and felt great (not bloated).

      Maybe this is b/c I cut back on red meat.



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        More eggs than what you're eating now. Maybe some fattier cuts of meat?

        Regardless of your macros, IMO it's better to have more MEALS than snacks (nuts, seeds, chocolate, etc.). If you're peckish, eat more at your main meals.

        Honestly there's nothing wrong with fruit. I eat HCLF paleo and it works for me. It keeps my sweet cravings to a minimum too.
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          Red meat is good for you, don't be afraid of it

          Your meals definitely seem small. I'd increase food volume first. I find fruit does not activate my sweet tooth as much when I eat it with protein.

          If bloating continues, maybe look into probiotics or apple cider vinegar (or both). It's important to pay attention to when things occur. If bloating occurs after fatty meals, you could be having trouble processing fats. If it occurs after carb-y meals, could be your gut bacteria is a bit lacking.
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            Thanks TQP.

            Yeah, I used to eat a lot more eggs. And, omg, I ate so many prime ribs when I first went primal. I think I was so protein and fat deficient that I just could not get enough.

            Feeling bloated is a bummer. I think it is the sugar indulgences. Gut issues that need to be addressed? Ugh.


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              Add some organic incites bacon for breakfast'


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                Uncured* iPhone lol