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    Anyone have any nutritional data for sugar cane (not packaged cane sugar, but he actual plant)? Ive looked but, and maybe just not looking in the right place, havent been able to find anything.

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    You could use it to bonk a wild animal on the head.



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      I snacked on it a few years back (it's sold on the streets in parts of West Africa).
      It's just sugar and fibrous matter which you can't really eat. You kind of lick it until you get really thirsty (within a minute or so) and pissed (sugar cane manages to make people who eat it angry) and throw it away.

      So, to conclude, sugar cane nutrition data = that of sugar + that of wood.


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        Lol I've never licked it myself. I usually pull back the 'bark', take a bite of it, chew it to get the sugary juice, then sometimes just swallow it all, but usually spit out the fiber. Its never made me angry, but if I eat to much, it does sometimes cause my gums to start bleeding.


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          When I was in Mauritius and going for long walks there were all kinds of feral dogs, and some were kind of scary - I picked up a 2 foot hunk of cane and felt much safer walking with that.


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            How about sugarcane juice? Its the juice that's obtained from squeezing through rotor gears. It's pretty popular summer drink in India.


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              Sugarcane juice is sugar water, literally.


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                Following is the nutrient information for 1Oz of Sugar Cane juice. Somebody familiar with reading the nutrients can tell if it's good or bad. And it's usage for Primal..I know Grok wouldn't crush the sugar cane and drink it, but this is one of the close-to-nature juices available here in India. So want to continue consuming it if its beneficial for the goals in hand ( Which is building muscle )

                Nutrients Amount

                Protein 0.20 g
                Carbohydrates 27.40 g
                Water 0.19 g
                Ash 0.66 g

                Total Calories 111. 43 g
                Calories From Fat 0.03 g
                Calories From Saturated Fat 0.00 g
                Total Fat 0.09 g
                Niacin – B3 0.20 mg
                Calcium 32.57 mg
                Copper 0.09 mg
                Iron 0.57 mg
                Magnesium 2.49 mg
                Manganese 0.09 mg
                Phosphorus 0.01 mg
                Potassium 162. 86 mg


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                  I think raw cane juice is almost the equivalent of coconut water. It has a modest amount of nutrients, and it's a healthier alternative to a lot of sweet snacks, which are all disgustingly processed. I say go for it - Grok probably would have eaten some by chewing and spitting like the aforementioned posted comments
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                    Hi all,
                    the sugar cane is best for good health and avoid from any disease,
                    so it is good for health and fitness,