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    Can you guys suggest a typical eating plan with the right ratios for me? I've just been guestimating so far and I think I tend to under-eat if anything due to residual CW habits. Though there's a lot of calories in nuts. I'm 5'8'' tall and around 140 pounds. My muscle tone is crap so I want to build muscle and fitness, starting slowly. So given that I've just got a bit of a saggy belly rather than overweight, it's more of a good nutrition maintenance plan I think.

    Not a big fan of salads and I can't get nitrate-free bacon. No need to be too precise with nutrition - later on I'll get into fine tuning - at the moment I just want to get in the right ballpark.

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    Breakfast: 2 eggs and an extra yolk fried in butter, bacon fat, or coconut oil. Top with leftover fish, avocado, salsa, or bacon or sausage, whatever. Or make that into an omelette. Or have a 1/2 cup of berries and some plain unsweetened full-fat yoghurt instead for a change.
    Lunch: Cobb salad (I know you don't like salad, but it's got chicken, egg, bacon, and blue cheese. yum!). Alternatively, a handful of nuts and a hunk of cheese, and an apple if you didn't have the fruit for breakfast. Of have a bigger breakfast and skip the lunch.
    Dinner: Rare steak over a bed of wilted spinach, all sauteed in lots of butter or bacon fat etc. Alternatively, bunless buffalo burgers with all the trimmings. Tonight I had a great big organic lamb sausage sauteed in leeks with tons of butter, and a salad with avocado, fresh mozarella and persian cucumbers with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

    Those are the kinds of daily eating habits that put you in the right range of fat / prot / carb for most people and facilitate a healthier bod. Yes it sounds like a lot of fat, and yes I eat very well!
    For your weight that's probably more of a maintenance type of diet, depending on a lot of other factors you don't mention such as metabolism, drinking habits, and exercise habits.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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      I eat only accepted foods, heavy on the animal products (goat, beef, lamb, salmon, any game I can get, eggs, turkey, chicken).

      I have a pantry with canned things like pink salmon, anchovies, kippers, sardines, etc. mainly for an 'emergency'. There are a few cans of corned beef too but they tend to get old since I don't eat that often.

      I drink a lot of water which I distill on a counter top and also in a OM solar distiller that gives me a little over a gallon a day. Lots of greens, lots of squash, celery,okra, and whatever vegetables. Especially lots of asparagus, lamb's quarter, and amaranth which grows on my land. Fruit is not too often and only green or yellow apples, lemons, limes, grapefruits, grapes, and kiwi. Other fruits are a rare thing for me.

      I have about 3 liters of water with the juice of one lemon in the AM, that I set to chill overnight, and also drink tea daily and coffee sometimes. For tea I like sencha or genmaicha, and sometimes bancha. I make a big pot in the AM and keep at it all day. It does eventually get tepid but that's OK. I also drink an assortment of herb teas, but not fruity teas.

      I eat when I am hungry and do not eat when I am not hungry. When I eat I remember the Japanese adage---hara hachi bu---eat only 80%--ie don't eat until you feel full.

      I really enjoy riceless sushi, sometimes rolled just in nori, sometimes in thin slices of beef with or without the nori. I prefer not to mix the beef with sashimi.

      None of it has killed me yet and I enjoy it all. I already know that I have terminal senescence, so I am going to live till I die.
      In the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

      shotgun always wins.


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        Thanks for these ideas! Seems like I'm still not getting enough fat for sure, and not enough. I'll start having an extra egg and some leftover meat at breakfast.

        The Cobb salad sounds pretty good! Not a fan of Blue cheese but I can use Feta.

        If anything I need to get my head out of the '80 percent' thing I think, I'm used to pretty much always feeling a bit hungry, with my conventional habits of calorie and portion restriction. I don't own scales, maybe I should buy a set. I think I'll try really upping my food intake as I'm going to start really working on building some strength and fitness, so I can keep an eye on weight gain against energy levels.


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          Helen, I have no ideas about ratios or anything, but I find if I have a decent breakfast I never feel hungry before lunch. So breakfasts for me are typically bacon and eggs (I havent even begun to think about nitrates... I just know I LOVE bacon!) or an omelette filled with whatever. On the days I just dont feel like i have time or cant be bothered, i make myself a protein shake when I get to work which is made with Red 8 whey protein and half full milk and half coconut milk or cream. Yum. Personally I prefer a "food" based breakfast though to get me all the way to lunch.

          Like you, never used to be a big one on salads, but am getting better. If I have it with a warm piece of meat/chicken then it seems so much more palatable... I'm sure thats why in the summer I do more salads, steak and salad, just makes sense.

          I'm totally on an 80% path at the moment I think, but wanting to be better about my diet, I'm sure thats half the battle. And without a doubt, I've noticed the bloating and the belly fat has started to shift.


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            oh and another thing. I bought some scales and I find them useful. Just keeps me on track. I'm sure I jump on them way too often, but then they're still a novelty for me! They show body fat and water content (probably a load of crap, as its just based on some logarithyms or something) but still my body fat is decreasing which is kind of nice to see!


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              Originally posted by tfarny View Post
              Breakfast: 2 eggs and an extra yolk fried in ......
              Just out of curiousity , why toss the third egg white?


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                Well it tastes better with more yolk and helps me to get the ratios right. I can get to 50% fat pretty easily now, but going to 60%+ takes some doing sometimes. Plus all the nutrition is in the yolk. When I scramble them, I add a good dollop of heavy cream and some cracked pepper and cover the pan with butter - works great!
                If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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         thing I would suggest is to take a thorough set of body measurements and write them all down.....waist, arms, legs, hips & bust. Very encouraging when you can see on paper that your body is shrinking!


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                    Mmmm eggs and butter.

                    dacec, I'm at an awkward place with measuring progress - I'm really quite slim - my jeans are hanging off me - but I lack muscle mass. So I'm not sure what I'm really looking for there. Keeping the waist measurement down; though if I build muscle in my back and abs, it might even go up!?

                    Maybe I need like those 'pinch tests' to see my surface body fat?