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Just bought a digital scale.....

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  • Just bought a digital scale.....

    So for anyone who likes to keep meticulous track of their macro %s etc in Excel, and is debating on splurging on a digital scale, my advice is go for it. Its totally worth it. i thought I was being pretty accurate by eyeballing my portions of proteins, but I am now finding I was routinely 1-2 oz (or more!) off!

    I had a hard time justifying spending the extra 50 bucks for a scale. But I finally did. And Im so glad. So, if this has been on your shopping list, go get one! It will make your nutrient tracking so much better. I also realized I was over-estimating on cheese intake, and found I haven't been getting as much fat OR protein as I thought.....and its also fun to weigh random things around the house.

    Hope everyone's Tuesdays are going well

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    I was thinking of getting a 15 dollar one lately..
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      I needed one that does both grams and ounces, so the 50 dollar one was my only choice. But, yea its very very worth it.