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Updates and Questions About Medicines (long read)

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  • Updates and Questions About Medicines (long read)

    Ok, I know I've been on here kind of a lot lately, I just love being primal and I'm still in that "I've got to control the wild eyed primal witnessing" stage. Plus I've had this nasty sinus infection that quite a few of you have given me some great info on getting rid of, and hopefully it will be my last. (Starting to think it's just the end of my previous life being expelled in a ferocious way from my body - a serious Low Carb Flu). Anyway, I've got some updates and a question too.

    Question first - since being primal, I can't seem to even take medicine that I used to take for these sinus infections. They usually give me ciprofloxacin (sp?) for the antibiotic, and a codeine cough syrup as well. I've never liked the antibiotics because they make my tummy hurt, but now it's exponentially worse. I cannot take it at all, even though I'm taking acidophilus as well - very bad stomach upset and cramps, and now it gives me hives. And...last night I had to take the cough meds because I couldn't stop coughing. After I did...I'm laying in bed, and didn't sleep at ALL because I was twitchy, my skin was crawling, and every time I'd drift off to sleep, I'd twitch myself awake. It was AWFUL. So my actual question my body telling me to stop putting that crap in there and let it handle this on it's own? Have y'all had similar experiences with medicine since being primal?

    Ok - for the updates:
    1. I've lost almost 10 lbs since May 2. I fluctuate a pound or two every day, so I really have to tell myself to stay off the scale because I'm becoming obsessed and feel like I'm micro-managing myself. So I've got about oh, 10-15 lbs to go before I'm to where I "want" to be, depending on how I feel and feel like I look when I get there.

    2. The sugar cravings are almost gone! Yay!

    3. I don't even drink a whole cup of coffee in the mornings anymore, and I wasn't even trying to stop. I just drink it black anyway, so it wasn't an issue. I just want water all the time. That's a good thing!

    4. I've used the neti pot for my sinuses every day since y'all told me about it. It's helped A TON! Thanks everyone!

    5. I don't know how much weight my hubby has lost so far, I haven't asked him. But I do know he's feeling great, and we're both only eating twice a day usually - natually fasting in the mornings because we're not hungry.

    And the very most important update....(drumroll, please)
    6. He hasn't had to use his inhaler since going primal!! He's a landscaper and plumber, so his job isn't something that's very good for asthma and allergies to begin with. And that's the MAIN reason we went primal, because I hoped that this would help with his allergies/asthma. And it HAS!!! When he couldn't breathe it would scare me because I thought he'd die, and the lack of oxygen would make him a complete bear to live with.

    Our general mental and physical well being has improved by leaps and bounds. Just thought I'd let y'all know the differences being primal has already made in our lives, in only almost 4 weeks.
    Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.