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Lowering Protein But Increasing Calories

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  • Lowering Protein But Increasing Calories

    I apologize if this has been addressed a million times but I am looking to keep my caloric intake high (i'm trying to gain weight) but keep my protein intake at normal a 1g/1lb of body weight. I recently re-evaluated my diet after a couple weeks of stomach pains and bad "bathroom experiences" and I believe this is because I'm consuming way too much protein. I weigh only 135 and I consume about double that in protein. The reason for this is because since going Paleo a few months ago I lost a bunch of weight. I was always a thin guy so this made me look REALLY thin. In an attempt to gain some weight back I started eating double of everything and working out again. The meat I buy is good stuff (no hormones, anti-biotics, etc) and the veggies are always fresh. I'm going to cut back on the amount of meat I buy but I want to keep my calories high so I can get to at least 143ish (back where I was before Paleo). I actually dropped down to as low as 128. I'm a new member so I hope to get a chance to talk to alot of you!

    Quick overview of my diet:
    Calories: 2500-3000
    Carbs: 82 grams (16%)
    Fats: 166 grams (32%)
    Protein: 269 grams (52%)
    Exercise: 5 days/week resistance training
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    Sounds like a good plan. I'd up the fats though and not the carbs so much.


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      82 grams of carbs is fine. Especially if it's from milk, tubers, fruit or veges.

      What are you doing to be training 5x a week? Unless you are making sure to keep volume low, this may not be a good set up to your training.

      Tell us more about your training.


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        Yes, that's quite a lot of protein! Up the fats with coconut, ghee, fattier cuts of meat, perhaps a decent serving of nuts per day (macadamias would be good here - low in carbs but high in MUFAs, and they taste great). Butter on your vegetables etc.

        Good luck!


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          I'm not sure if the numbers I gave you are correct. Those percentages are based on the serving sizes not the percentages from my calories. The percentage of my calories are: 42% fat, 46% protein and 12% carbs. (the fats could be as much as 3% lower because I'm not sure exactly how much Olive Oil i'm consuming exactly) That's a rought estimate but you get the idea. Would this be more accurate?

          As far as my workout, I exercise for about 30-45min a day for 5 days/week. I wouldn't consider it an intense workout but it's not a light workout either. monday and thursday are chests and tri's, tues and fridays are biceps and back and wednesday is back, shoulder and legs. I'll also throw in legs on monday as well. I'm not trying to be some bulky guy. I just want to gain some extra mass because I'm so thin right now.

          P.S. I've discovered macadamia nuts and they are going to be the end of me! I'm addicted!
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