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Fat, Protein and Carb ratios - what should I aim for?

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  • Fat, Protein and Carb ratios - what should I aim for?

    I've been trying Primal for just over two weeks now and I'm not sure what percentages I should be aiming for for the fat, protein and carb ratio. Is there a definite percentage? I know under 50g of carbs to lose weight but today I've got 54% fat, 24% carbs (49.4g), protein 21%.

    Is my fat to protein ratio OK?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Carbs are too high, fats are too low. Raise fats to 70-80% and drop carbs down to 10%.
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      If I'm doing the math correct, looks like you're also eating way to little. If your carb ratio is 25% at 50gs, that means you're getting only like 800 cals a day...

      As far as ratios goes, carbs does seem a bit high, and fats could be increased. I don't know if you need to go as high as 80% on fats every day, but that's headed more in the right direction... i usually have my fat % around 65%+ on most days.


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        Do you mean to say you are eating less than 1000kcal?

        Don't starve yourself.

        The ratios depend on your insulin resistance. If you have more resistance you have to go low on carb.

        You should not count protein as a percentage, rather find your Lean Body Mass and then multiply to somewhere between .5gm to 1gm per pound. It would depend on how much body building you are doing, and how fast you want to lose your fat.

        Fat will fillup the rest.

        Remember no two people are the same. You have to experiment which level is best for you.


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          Thanks a lot for the information. I am only eating around 800 cals per day but I'm not finding myself hungry at all although I used to eat loads and loads of carbs previously. I do struggle to get the carbs below 50g but I am getting better (today was actually my best day so far!). It's useful to know what sort of ratio I should be looking at achieving.


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            Hey Sue,

            Have you read the book? I found it really helpful as he details more thoroughly exactly what to do. In the book, he recommends about 50% cals from fat, protein requirements are based on both lean body mass and activity levels, carb intake will depend on weight loss issues.

            First, assess how much protein you need...figure out lean body mass. Protein requirements will range from .5g-1gram protein (or more) per lb body weight depending on activity level. He generally though, recommends a bottom limit of .7g for all but the most sedentary folks.

            Once you've figured out your protein requirements, it's not difficult to figure out the rest. I'm loosing weight and am keeping carb intake around 70 - all of it from non-starchy produce. Protein, I am for 65g. If I do get more, excl. These are just averages though - for me, it really does vary significantly b/c I just CANNOT eat the same thing over and over.

            Love for tracking macros. has too many errors in their database so I've abandoned it. is actually my favorite for nutritional analysis - but for tracking, their user interface has been slow and glitchy. If it works for you on your computer, it's definitely the best of the bunch. If not, dailyburn is wonderful. So fast, so easy. And they have an iphone app


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              You do want to be careful to get enough calories. Too low, and you will shut down your metabolism and put your body into starvation mode. And that defeats the whole business of loosing weight. My mom raised me on a 900 calorie diet thinking it would make me thin, and I got heavy on it (135-140, 5'1) sooooo just saying be careful :-) And now I shoot for between 1600 and 2000, although when I IF, I do go quite a bit lower.
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                cillakat, Thanks for the useful info on I think I may go try and see how it is- fitday is the only one I've tried so far.

                Sue991, you should definitey try using one of these websites cillakat mentioned. I used to only count calories and just wrote everything down, but now that I keep track of the big 3 the websites are a Godsend. Good luck!
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                  I am tracking my food on Fitday but will have a look at Dailyburn as well. I do need to fully read the book (I skimmed through it, impatient to get started!). Certainly I should up my calorie intake but I think I'm currently worrying too much about what I'm eating carb wise more than the quantity. I'm only 5' tall but still need to eat more. It's early days so I should get the hang of it before too long! So far I am impressed though, feeling a lot more awake, sleeping better and not feeling hungry. Life's looking good.


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                    I recommend for tracking. The book is awesome and because of it signed up for I also signed up for fitday, and a few others. by far was the easiest to update on a regular basis. I got the app on my blackberry, ipod, and droid tablet. win win win!
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                      Thanks, but how does one find out their lean body mass?


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                        Real simple... Take your total weight and your weight times % body fat. Subtract the two. BAM!

                        If you google it, you might also find some other formulas out there that take into account other variables.
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                          Hi Chris... I think I'm missing something: how do you get % body fat for this calculation? : )



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                            In order to get your precise BMI (Body Mass Index), you'd need to get measured. If you have a gym membership, the trainers there usually have one of the little measuring tools where they pinch your fat and measure the thickness to obtain your BMI. Until you're able to get measured, you can calculate your BMI online by typing in your height and weight. Just Google it. It's definitely not the most accurate, but it's close enough to give you at least of an idea of a range and get you started.


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                              You make it up

                              There are various methods, but looking at various images or people and estimating yours based off theirs seems good enough.
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