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Going Camping: with a closet vegetarian.

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  • Going Camping: with a closet vegetarian.

    So, a group of just us girls (three friends from college and I) are going on a camping trip over the 3 day weekend. I just emailed re: what I should bring, and my BFF took that occasion to break the news that she's now a vegetarian (except for fish, which are not cute/fluffy). As far as I can tell, this is a very recent development.

    This is the same person who announced that she was giving up wine, and lasted for less than 24 hours, so I am not too worried about it. My plan is not to be preachy, but I am totally going to be eating bacon in front of her. Deliberately. All weekend long...muuahahaha!

    I may also mention that the marshmallows she plans on roasting are made with gelatin, but only if I am feeling REALLY naughty.
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    maybe google a few facts on fish nervous systems while you're at it. Do you know cuttlefish are incredibly intelligent? Eating calamari is like eating a cat, basically. Oh and lobsters mate for life, and have very sophisticated nervous systems and suffer terribly when they are boiled alive.

    I'd rather eat a cow, one life promptly dispatched to feed the whole tribe.

    I'm an ex-veg. Its a bit like being a reformed smoker...