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Always craving sweet potatoes with butter after dinner!

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  • Always craving sweet potatoes with butter after dinner!

    Has anyone experienced this? I've been told sweet potatoes + grass-fed butter are a stress-suppressing combo, and as a perpetually stressed college student, this makes sense. I've incorporated more carbs into my diet now (all in the form of sweet potatoes and fruit), and even though I'm not really exercising that much, I ALWAYS crave this combo after dinner.

    This is what I might eat in a day (I'm on a college meal plan and eat in the dining hall):
    Breakfast: IF, iced black Americano
    Lunch: 2-3 hamburger patties, 1-2 HB eggs, steamed/cooked veggies of some kind (usually in canola, bleh), salad, 1-2 bananas and small oranges
    Dinner: ^same as lunch
    Post-dinner: ~3 (medium-large!) microwaved sweet potatoes w/ Kerrygold

    As for exercise, I do a strenuous 35-minute yoga "cardio" tape (don't judge, I love it) and go on long walks.

    I supplement with FCLO and magnesium. Occasionally a probiotic, and ~1 bottle 16oz kombucha/week.

    Is there anything particularly detrimental about this post-dinner habit, especially as far as weight loss bodes? Has anyone else experienced something similar? Would this be considered stress/boredom eating, or is there some other reason why the body craves this combo?

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    How do you feel? Are you losing weight with those foods? Those aren't health-detrimental foods, but too much food period (and high carb-high fat at the same time) tend to impede weightloss.

    There's nothing magical about sweet potatoes+ butter, but
    1. Carbs in general suppress cortisol.
    2. Carbs + fat combos (be it ice cream, milk chocolate, chocolate cake, fried potato chips, or sweet potatoes + butter) are hyper-palatable and hyper-addictive. This is why I tend to keep this particular food group low (healthy or not) when I'm trying to lose weight. It keeps food enjoyment down so I eat less.
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      I can't eat a lot of sweet potatoes, as they make me crave more & feel hungry- I put this down to the high GI & higher sugar content! If your body is toxic in sugars then even natural sugars will spike it!
      Can you replace the sweet potatoes with something else?
      I do eat paleo - but I do believe if you eat something & don't react well - don't eat it- like wise if it's not strict paleo but it's non processed & you feel good on eating it, then eat it!
      Stick at it xx


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        If you find you aren't losing weight after adding in the extra meal(s), then it's probably worth taking a closer look at it and possibly cutting them out, or going just to 1, or adding them in earlier in the day. You might not be satiated on LC meals which is why your lunch/dinners seem a bit big?

        My concern is the 'not exercising much' yet adding more food. Calories do still matter if you're trying to lose weight; it's just that a lot of people here get satiated on HFLC meals so find they naturally eat less. Your after-dinner treats remind me of what I started doing because I was still hungry and craving more carbs. I wasn't satiated with LCHF stuff.


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          Originally posted by fcby9 View Post
          iced black Americano
          I can't believe I finally found else someone who drinks iced black americano. So good! The bitter flavor is fantastic.