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I can't believe it's this easy... are you kidding me

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  • I can't believe it's this easy... are you kidding me

    So I've been following paelo/primal nutrition for about a year now and it finally dawned on me the super high level of nutrition I'm getting. For example, this past friday was sort of a cheat day but ate the following:

    Breakfast - 5 medium eggs (from a friend who raises chickens) with 2 strips of uncured bacon
    Snack - 1/3 cup almonds / walnuts, 1/8 cup of raisins / dried turkish apricots
    Lunch - Chopped salad with a can of wild alsakan salamon, 50/50 baby spincah/mixed greens, grape tomatos, olives, carrots, pepperchinis, brocolli, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice
    Snack - 1/2 container of full fat greek yogurt (about 3.5oz) and 1 cup of mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, rasberries)
    Dinner - 16 oz ribeye steak medium rare with skewers of zucchini, peppers and summer squash with butter and the other half of the lemon juice.
    Night - 2 glasses of cabernet and 3 squares of 73% dark choc. (the cheat).

    So yea... eating like this is incredible. You're never hungry, full of energy, ailments heal, get ripped, libido up, etc.

    Just though I'd throw that out there for people still on the fence


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    I enjoy eating now more than ever! I look forward to every meal and have no regrets about anything I eat because its all good stuff! Such a weight off my mind to just relax and enjoy food And yes, it is easy---I have major snack attacks at night sometimes, and instead of waking up this morning feeling totally guilty about the tortilla chips or ice cream I probably would have reached for pre-PB, I felt perfectly ok with the few squares of 85% dark chocolate and generous handful of cashews I had instead. I love it!