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Does anyone supplement with Iodine?

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  • Originally posted by wtfgod View Post
    Will check out his site. I'm not really sick and don't have serious thyroid problems as far as I know.

    I'm not really sure the flushing or toxicity are relevant to me as I certainly won't be megadosing. :fearful: If I supplement a modest amount of iodine and I do have thyroid issues will it slowly fix itself? Or is this something you actually need to take action to correct? And is supplementing modest amounts in absence of selenium supplementation safe in the long term?

    - Nutrient intake -
    In theory I get 100Ish+ mg of selenium from my diet, when I was supplementing @ 800mcg a day I was supplementing 200mcg selenium, sometimes I play around with 200mcg every other day but not consistently. ( Have seen things about this mineral not being terribly safe to supplement either ) I get 4-500mg magnesium a day and supplement 200mg more on top for good measure and vitamin C probably close to a gram a day.

    Edit: Seems his protocol is 12mg a day with a justification of, 'the Japanese do it'. Seems meh...I'm not sure I would trust that dose or that logic.
    He owns a clinical practice and oversees many people through the protocol. Of course, they're under doctor supervision, and he KNOWS what he is doing so he can catch any adverse reactions almost immediately. I am by no means saying iodine supplementation is right for everyone, but it's far more complex than "lol iodine is evil, leave it alone." I know there are even people that advocate against whole food sources of iodine like seaweed because they're so paranoid about it! To alleviate the fears a little bit though...

    It should be interesting to note that the "decrease" in thyroid output seen when supplementing with iodine is a fairly outdated study. It was found that iodine lowers thyroid function in one SINGLE study that has been touted for years as the gold standard for the "iodine supplementation is evil" argument. It should be noted that a few years later, the SAME docs did a follow-up study where they found that this "decrease" in thyroid function ONLY lasted about forty-eight hours (two days) if the supplementation was continued and then thyroid function returned to baseline or even increased in some patients.

    Even the dreaded "iodine increases Hashimoto's symptoms and ruins patients' thyroids" has been discussed and questioned on the much touted (at least around here) Perfect Health Diet website:

    Iodine and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Part I - Perfect Health Diet | Perfect Health Diet
    Iodine and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Part 2 - Perfect Health Diet | Perfect Health Diet

    The conclusion? Iodine doesn't harm people with Hashimoto's and may even be necessary as a part of the treatment. The articles even discuss selenium and say that high intakes of selenium are MORE dangerous when iodine levels are low, pointing out that iodine and selenium must be kept in careful balance. Swing too far one way or the other and there could be problems. Worried about your selenium intake? Upping your iodine intake may make it safer. The reverse is also true. When selenium status and availability in the body is high, iodine has less side effects and more positive benefits.

    Any amount of iodine will flush some bad stuff out of your body and thus "detox" you from that perspective. In fact, in order to completely detox, you must not only stop being exposed to the sources of these bad substances, but you must also take in enough of the good substances you need to eliminate them. If your exposure to the bad > exposure to the detoxing substances then the detox is pretty much perpetual. An annoying truth about detoxing.

    Also, other parts of the body besides the thyroid need iodine. In men, proper function of the testes and the prostrate do require iodine. In women, the ovaries and breast tissue concentrate iodine in high amounts. So it's not as though every drop of iodine you intake immediately gets shunted to the thyroid and overloads it.

    For your perusal:

    Iodine and Breast Health
    Iodine, Cancer and Fibrocystic Disease | Dr. Sircus
    Cancer and Iodine - The Iodine Project

    FYI, an aside on Linus Pauling, PhD and two-time winner of the Nobel prize (never sharing it with another individual), he advocated between four to six grams of vitamin C a day for most people and took close to eighteen grams a day himself! And he lived to be ninety-six. So take that as you will. He based his research and dosage levels on the fact that most mammals (with the exception of the apes), can produce vitamin C in their body without getting it from diet. Many of those mamals often produce as much as twenty-five or more grams a day internally! And he noted that vitamin C is excreted about every two or so hours from the body so we should be taking a dose just about every two hours in order to get the maximum benefits of a constantly elevated blood level of C and actually allow our bodies to use most of it instead of having it just come out in our urine as a waste product.
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