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  • a little positivity....

    I feel like I hear a lot about cheat days, post-cheat day (guilty) IF, and generally bumming out over circumstances beyond our control. I just felt I needed a moment to be more grateful for the times, or weekends, where I am able to remain mostly primal. Its impractical to expect to be perfectly primal all the time. Even if we buy and cook tons of organic, hormone free, chicken, wild caught salmon, and grassfed, local beef at home, sometimes we find ourselves at a tex mex joint for Sunday lunch with family. While the options may not be perfectly primal, and the temptations (chips and salsa!) little higher, we should embrace the other aspects of PB more readily--Enjoying Life. While within the Primal Blueprint that specifically means a healthy life, we quickly find out that a healthier life is a happy life. The vibrance and energy the primal eating style puts in life gives me piece of mind that I am nourishing my body and thriving, not just surviving. Being with family is more important that remaining 100% primal, and it is in these types of human interactions (especially in the age of facebook, and discussion forums , that we realize that personal happiness is what really matters. I embrace the 80/20 rule and dont dwell on perfection. I managed to remain pretty primal this weekend. And Im proud of myself. Just wanted to post something positve and to remind us to be proud of ourselves and grok on!

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    Thanks for the reminder. I too am grateful to be healthy and happy. I must say that MDA is the most supportive health forum that I go to.


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      Blasphemy! Repent your sins against the church of Grok.

      I will cheat although some things like trans fats, gluten, dairy, a significant amount of omega 6, etc are out. Being young and immersed in a culture of chronic substance abuse, it's kind of hard to avoid booze sometimes. If it's a quick run to Mcdonalds I can turn it into an IF and if it's a sit-down restaurant I can usually find something primal but when it's booze at least a little is unavoidable. Unless it's beer with gluten, then no fucking way.
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        Trans fats are definetly not even in the picture. Put all nutritional issues aside, some "foods" are just plain poison.


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          Well said! I'm new here but I read a lot of posts and I definately get the idea that some people tend to obsess a little much over their "cheats" and how often they occur...if they're still falling within the 20% and some seem to beat themselves up way too much. I think we are all here for different reasons but one common theme is that I think that we all want to enjoy our life to the fullest. If you're stressing too much over cheats or what is or isn't primal or whatever it's kinda sucking the fun out of it, no? well, everyone is different. I for one don't obsess at all (maybe too little) and when I was out to lunch today at panera and eating soup and my daughter was dipping her bread in it and biting and then said "mommy bite" and held it out to me...awwwe, of course I bit that bread! When it made her giggle that she was feeding mommy...well, the fact that I just broke my no gluten rule once again really didn't matter.


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            For me - and I stress this is just for me - the main things that Primal leads me to avoid are processed, high-carb and/or gluten-filled foods: grains of all kinds, milk, yogurt, processed sugars, fructose, tubers, "vegetable" oils, margarine, legumes. I still eat hard cheeses, heavy cream, coffee, sausages, and (unfortunately) CAFO meat because I can't really find grass-fed where I live and don't have the storage facilities to buy a quarter cow (I live in a small apartment). But what Primal *has* led me to do is eat high-fat beef, dark-meat skin-on bone-in chicken, tuna, salads, and butter. I never used to eat any of that, and I was dying. Now I'm healthy and glad of it.
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              Hey Griff, this is my fist month but you just described me to T.

              I am very grateful to have found this lifestyle. Tonight was a family gathering. One sis brought fresh garlic bread and her famous cheesy potatoes, another brought chocolate caramel cake. I didn't say a negative word. I was happy to be there. I grilled Ribeyes and tilapia in a very lemony garlic aioli (homemade and primal). I filled up on the meat, fish and salad and had a great time watching all the carbs get munched. When the dishes were done and we were parting ways, my very fit 50 year old sister (5-2 105 and cut), winked at me and said, "You've been losing weight and seem really happy. Keep it up." I could have told her to stop feeding cake and ice cream to my kid, but I just winked back -- grateful.


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                Aw Grol, you rock!
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                  Nice post. Yeah life really is too short to sweat the small stuff. Every little thing we do is helping us, I hope the cheats will become fewer and fewer over time, but in all honesty, while I have the ocassional guilt feeling (which is really over my complete lack of willpower) I just dont have the inclination to let it ruin my day if I eat the stuff that is not so good. I guess it is a case everyone is different though.