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  • Whole 30 March 2014

    Hi folks, I checked back a few pages, and could not find a W30 thread for March. Well, I kicked it off yesterday, two weeks after I planned so, it's a Whole 30 March for me!

    I am doing it to help my joint and skin health, so in addition to normal W30 restrictions, I avoid eggs and nuts unless a part of a recipe. I am allowing butter for flavoring if I have to make a family meal that calls for it, but will try to avoid. I have never had butter impact me negatively, and I don't use it most of the times anyways.

    My additional goal is to have at least 1 Serenity Day a week (12+ hrs after waking fast) and preferably 2x a week.

    Please, come on board, and if there is another thread I have overlooked, please, be kind and just point me to it!

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    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

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    OOh, I like the sound of a Serenity Day. Please expound.

    I have been watching for the right time to start my next whole 30. (I know, I know, it is NOW). I just bought two slabs of non-compliant bacon and that seems like a good excuse to wait. But this Serenity thing might sweep me in.

    Also I have had a couple of grossly noncompliant days myself and my gut is reminding me that I Don't Eat Like That Any More. So another pointer to the whole 30 that is undoubtedly in my future.



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      I started on March 1. My first w30..ive been eating primal for a few years but I've let corn and wayyy too much sugar (candy and ice cream) slip in. My emotions are all over the place from be sugar, my brain fog is back like it was before I went gluten free, and I'm exhausted and hurt all the time. I've debated whole 30 for like 6 months so I finally took the plunge.

      Day three is ok..I had more energy all morning and my eyes are weird, almost like looking at things is "off"...I think that it's the brain fog clearing out. I remember that from before.

      Do you follow the funny timeline they have? I felt like day 4 this morning: Kill All the Things. Hoping it's not even worse tomorrow on my actual day 4!


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        Oh, hi folks!

        With the Serenity day, I find that when I try to focus on fasting till hour X, I get anxious, defiant and cranky. But, a little mind game of pretending to be someone less of this world with a meditation and mantras (and no workout) thrown in feels special and not punishing somehow. Dunno why! I actually go with Jedi... cause I am a nerd!

        I don't really follow anything but the food choices and the minimal duration of 30 days. I find that the benefit of simply eating super-clean are very real for me, and very visible! Basically the only way to keep my skin relatively healthy is W30. I suffer really badly from adult acne and processed sugar and dairy seem to be a deadly combo. Ideally, I should drop fruit as well, but I find that very hard on the mood. I also tend to slip back to using artificial sweeteners when I do not have a 100% prohibition. I must have been a bee in the past life or something, I am so drawn to sweet!

        Sooze, that happens sometimes, but usually you feel so much better when you persist. Fingers crossed!
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        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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          Hi - I'm with ya! I was doing very well eating clean, or so I thought... until I read the comment about non compliant bacon... DANG IT!! Oh well, I only had 1 slice, it's not going to kill me. I am pretty lucky, no real food allergies or maladies to speak of, but obviously I feel much better eating clean. I do have a huge problem with sugar, though!! I am really trying to establish a set point to work from. Last summer, I got down to a good weight for me and I felt fantastic and I want to feel like that all the time! My main goal is wellness and preventing serious illness. This W30 seems to be easier (well, let's face it - it's only Day 4 LOL!) than the last one I did. I am really excited to complete another one.


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            I kindda winked away, but there was nothing exciting here. I just eat the W30, and everything is well. Lots of energy, skin cleared up. I am sure I am not losing weight, but I am just happy with clear skin. At this point I am saying dairy good-buy for good. It's too bad, I like yogurt and cheese, but it's just not worth it.

            Is anyone still on as well?
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            When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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              I am back to whole 30 starting tomorrow.

              I have tried a few different things a week at a time to see how my body responds. I have been taking notes, watching the weight, and documenting how I feel.

              After all of that, I have decided that whole 30 works best for me. I feel best, the weight comes off and I have the best health. I think it has a lot to do with the dairy.

              So, I am going to kick start a whole 30 on March 16th. Go for a full 30 days and document how I feel and the results I get. Then go from there.

              44 F 5'5
              SW 205.4
              CW 180.4
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                Good idea with the journaling. It could well be dairy, because it seems that digestion has a huge impact on weight gain/loss, and even if you do not experience pains, it can prevent you from absorbing nutrients, and from there you go into the over-eating territory to compensate... it does make sense.

                And yes, I notice that I do best on the W30 as well, particular if I reduce/eliminate eggs in addition to dairy. I am actually striking a really good balance now, no real hunger spells, no hangs-ups on "I can't eat that!", training at a normal pace without putting in crazy amount of time and thought into it, and pants don't feel any tighter. I do eat plain boiled potatoes when I start experiencing the 'nothing fills me up' syndrome. I had to do it once so far.

                I did have one or two 'Oh, how I miss the dairy!' episodes shopping and cooking. But I just look in the mirror, with the still fading ugliness on the chin... and yeah. Not worth it.
                My Journal:
                When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.