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How many grams of carbs do you consume daily?

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  • How many grams of carbs do you consume daily?

    I am interested in lowering my carb intake. As of now, my carbs primarily come from vegetables and one apple a day, but I'd think I can do more to lower my intake. Does the PB have any daily carb limits? How many grams a day are you averaging, and from what sources (specific foods) do you get your carbs?

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    Less than 20g/day, which come from a powdered fiber and vitamin supplement.

    I don't think there's any primal recommendation that works for everyone - different people, different goals, different needs.

    As for me, my goal's to lose a significant amount of weight so it just made sense for me to basically eliminate them. In time, and as I reach a more manageable weight, I'll reincorporate them, but probably still at less than 100g/day.
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      I'm in weight loss mode, so I heavily restrict my carb intake and try to get the majority of my calories from fat. Over the last two months, my intake per day has averaged:

      Calories: 1,626 per day
      Fat: 144g per day or 78%
      Carbs: 23g or 5%
      Protein: 67g or 17%


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        it varies for me. usually i try to keep it under 50g some days i'm up to 75g and about once a week i hit 100-150g (usually from an apple/banana or larabar treats for me)


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          Here is my todays total:

          Amount of food, grams 1290,0
          Energy, kcal 3627,0
          Protein, grams 86,2 (3.04 oz or 10%)
          Fat, grams 334,1 (11.79 oz or 82%)
          Carbohydrates, gram 74,3 (2.62 oz or 8%)

          I get most of my carbs from vegetables and some dairy. Vegetables are important for micronutrients and you should eat them like there was no tomorrow.
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            Right now I'm in weight loss mode, so doing about 20g carb, 80g protein, and fat to satiety. Carbs will likely go up to between 50 and 100g when I reach goal weight.
            Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


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              Anywhere between 100g and 150g including fiber so 400-500 calories or 20% of total energy. It just works out like that what with generous helpings of cooked vegetables with spices and oils and some fruit. I did 50g or below for a few weeks and I think I reprogrammed my body to be a good fat burner and now I'm reintroducing more carbs. It's entirely subjective but I feel that my brain runs better on all carbs than some ketones and some carbs. If I tried ketosis it might be a different story but that would involve an absence of vegetables which would catapult me into a state of depression which would further impede my cognitive functioning.
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                I am consuming between 40-70 grams of carbs a day, mostly through vegetables, especially cooked vegetables like brussels sprouts in bacon, braised collard greens and steamed broccoli. (I'm also petite) I found that fruit (which I used to consume copious amounts of) triggers blood sugar drops, and I now have small amounts of fruit, like 1/4 of an apple, 1/4 of a pear or 2-3 large strawberries, in one sitting.


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                  ... also to add to the above, I stopped eating sweet fruit for breakfast after reading that some people are sensitive to having a lot of sugary fruit hit their system after not eating for 12-14 hours. Now, I have my eggs with vegetables or a sliced tomato.


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                    I am doing the "accelerated fat loss" mode until I get to my goal range, then going up to "fat loss" mode as I find anything above 100g I not only maintain, I gain.

                    I try to stay under 50g, if not 30g. 99% of those come from veggies, the last from tea/90% chocolate.
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                      I don't count but yesterday was a the heaviest day I've had in a while - four asparagus, a few potatoes and a beer.
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                        I'm not counting. I'm currently losing 1-2 pounds a week, and I maintain my gym routine and weights, so I'm pretty sure that I'm losing fat, not muscle, and my carbs are in the range required for rapid weight loss.

                        I would pose this rule of thumb: If you're only eating non-starchy vegetables and low-sugar fruit, and not tons of them every day, and you still don't lose weight, you should look for reasons other than carb consumption. My suggestion: Try to sleep longer, and in a darker room. Ideally you go to sleep at dusk and wake up at dawn. In the summer months however that can be too short, so you should try to prolong the dark phase. There is solid evidence that short nights keep your insulin up, among other things (you can never just consider one hormone in isolation).
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                          I am trying to keep my carbs to about 50 grams a day, maybe a bit more at the weekend if I fancy a treat. For accelerated fat loss if you eat 20g a day for two weeks that should give your metabolism a kick start, then you can increase it gradually.


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                            I average around 88 but the last few weeks bouncing around the 60's. Just trying to fine tune things. I am really fine on weight loss, don't need to lose more, just interested in leaning out just a smidge more....if that makes sense.

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                              Originally posted by dacec View Post
                              I average around 88 but the last few weeks bouncing around the 60's. Just trying to fine tune things. I am really fine on weight loss, don't need to lose more, just interested in leaning out just a smidge more....if that makes sense.

                              Trying not to obsess
                              This is exactly where I'm at, been keeping mine around 100g for maintenance and it's working very well. Still losing body fat very slowly but not any weight.