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Steak and Eggz, March 2014 Let's DO this!

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  • Steak and Eggz, March 2014 Let's DO this!

    Just like last time!

    Steak and eggs for three.5 days, and a refeed meal on the fourth, repeat. I'll be washing it down with 8 ounces of homebrew kombucha to acidify my stomach and improve digestion.

    Goal: Better muscle definition, less body fat. That's it!

    Plan: Schedule eating times and buy exact number of eggs and approximate steak sizes so it's easy to stay on track. Slight caloric deficit. No excessive killer workouts, just body work, compound lifts, and some fast running for short durations here and there. And standing, of course.

    Other hydration by coffee, tea, water.

    As much sleep as I can get. Starting photo on March 1st.

    If I forget I posted this, just bump it on the first and we'll get this ball rolling.
    Crohn's, doing SCD

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    Nope, too broke. Good luck though!



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      I've been a total slacker all winter, lets do this.


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        I am in. Love eggs. Love steak. Sounds good.

        Not sure how many eggs and steak I will need.

        I am 5'6" 180 lbs Female

        I wear a pedometer and get in between 20,000 and 30,000 steps a day. Also do a 40 min workout 3 times a week. Nothing major, just a basic workout.

        Ride my bike 5-10 miles a day at least 5 days a week.

        Any help with the amount of eggs and steak I will need to consume would be awesome.

        Question....on this is there no fruit or veggies? Just steak and eggs? That is what I am assuming. On the re feed day, what exactly is consumed?

        Sorry for all the questions, just don't know much about this and am very interested in trying it out.

        44 F 5'5
        SW 205.4
        CW 180.4
        GW 150


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          Originally posted by Kris T View Post
          Question....on this is there no fruit or veggies? Just steak and eggs? That is what I am assuming. On the re feed day, what exactly is consumed?
          This should help:
          The Old School 'Steak and Eggs' Diet for Fat Loss, Balanced Energy, and Increased Testosterone - Bold and Determined


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            Kegas76 - Thanks for the link. Just finished reading it and am so excited about it I plan to start tomorrow. I have lots of steaks in the freezer ready to go and about 6 dozen eggs I just bought.

            Just ordered 20 steaks from the butcher and plan to pick them up tomorrow.

            On my cheat day I plan to just eat a primal diet. Have some paleo fudge I just made and love and veggies and potatoes. Nothing like McDonalds or the other cheats the website for the steak and eggs diet says you can eat.

            EXCITED! I usually eat 5 scrambled eggs and bacon every morning, so switching to steak won't be a big deal.

            I was laid off for 4 weeks last week, so am home waiting to go back. Might have an interim job next week, and I if it happens I will just take my steak and eggs cooked and ready to reheat and eat for lunch. No biggie.

            WOOT WOOT....I am excited for this one!

            Hoping that by the first of March when this officially starts I will be well on my way already.
            44 F 5'5
            SW 205.4
            CW 180.4
            GW 150


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              My half cow will be delivered on Saturday, so I might go head and be in on this this time!


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                I'd like to go the whole 5/6 days without refeed, but rehabbing my intestinal flora was no simple task and I don't want to starve the colonies too long between feeding them. My refeed day will include sweet potatoes, berries, yogurt, and other stuff, I'm sure.
                Crohn's, doing SCD


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                  Change 'steak' to 'ground beef' and I'm in.

                  (Can't afford steak at the moment )
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                    Goddamn that's tempting. But I kinda really need glycogen for the workouts I'm doing.

                    Not this month. Such a good idea though, knifey. Of all the possible communal activities anyone could ever suggest I declare this the awesomest in history.

                    With the workouts I have in mind... Jeebus, 2nd half of the year may work if you guys are down again.

                    But happy trails to all March Steak and Eggers. It's gonna rock.


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                      ROUND 1 DAY 1 -

                      Just had my first steak and egg breakfast. It was yummy! I have officially begun my steak and eggs routine.

                      Looking forward to how this will affect my metabolism and kick start my plateau.

                      44 F 5'5
                      SW 205.4
                      CW 180.4
                      GW 150


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                        ^Sweet.... My steaks will be delivered tommorrow.

                        Rev has a point, so I'm going to move to a 2x/week strength schedule with HIT workout 1 set to failure 1x/week primarily with BW and machines and then a compound barbell 1x/week during this experiment and at least one of those days will be in conjunction with the re-feed (probably the barbell day). So two heavy lift days with plenty of recovery should work well to keep the muscle. Maybe even reach the promise land (add muscle and lose fat) like Canuck did last time this experiment happened.
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                          I did this last time, and I can imagine doing it again, for a little while. But I crashed so hard, I don't think there was any net plus for me. I'm just going to keep working on the intuitive thing.


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                            I did it strictly for a month last year. I thought it was a blast. Refeed day was epic and fun.

                            I didn't notice any real change in strength or abs, but I'd do it again. Let me think about it.

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                              I keep intending to do this, but I really like my veggies.
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