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Is it common practice to IF after a cheat?

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  • Is it common practice to IF after a cheat?

    After reading the forum, it seems pretty common for PBers to IF after they cheat. Is this common PB practice? Or is it just a coincidence that I saw this a few times?

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    Its definitely a common approach for course correction.
    I grok, therefore I am.


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      There's some science to it, I think it regulates Leptin and Insulin from the overload..

      I do this too BTW.


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        Agreed... I enjoy my cheats, but then generally fast to get back on track and get my head 'back in the game'


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 careful it doesn't getting eating-disorder tones of punishment and atonement.
          But yes, I often find it puts cravings back in their place after they've been released by the sugar monster!

          Like saying "NO" to a whining toddler instead of trying to appease them


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            i find that after i cheat.....i have no hunger and dont feel like eating because of nausea and over-all feeling of the Blah Monster

            sometimes i feel like i have a cold the next day and i'm coming down with something or have a sugar hangover

            when i do start getting hungry again it's all protein and carbs what-so-ever

            so i try not to cheat in the first place....but all those treats know my first name!