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Vacation carb days - struggle to get back to PB?

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  • Vacation carb days - struggle to get back to PB?

    I just got back from a week long cruise. Before the cruise, I had been primal for about 6 or 7 weeks with great results. On the cruise, I ate carbs the last two days, pretty much out of boredom. I was eating < 75 g. per day, but those two days I probably consumed > 200 g. Of course the next few days I felt like crap. I'm a little concerned though because still don't feel back to my normal self, and it has been 4 days since the carb binge.

    I did have a sinus infection right before the cruise, so maybe that is still in play, but I just feel completely worn down with no energy.

    Before the cruise, I also followed a warrior diet - type eating style, eating very little during the day and eating most of my food at night. During the cruise I pretty much ate all during the day.

    I'm not necessarily hungry during the day, but like I said, I just feel drained, and I haven't had enough energy to exercise.

    Is my body probably still readjusting from the carb binge and different eating style? Does my body just need time to get used to Primal again?

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    Course correction: Take a fast, then eat ZC/VLC (less than 50g carbs MAX) with high fat (no dairy) and decent source of protein. Carbs should all be veggies, no fruit except maybe a handful of berries. Do that for a day or more if needed, and then go back to eating PB as usual.

    Just my thoughts. Last time I went carb crazy (margaritas!) I ate some venison sausage and eggs the next morning and then nothing else for a while. After that I stuck with primal foods but a bit heavier on fruit because I had an insane craving for citrus so ate 2 grapefruit and 2-3 oranges plus my normal meals. Went from having a wake-up call to just how bad my allergies would be right now without eating PB to barely a sniffle in 2 days. YMMV