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  • Review my supplements..

    So supplements can be a a pain in the butt, too many of them, too many opinions on what to take...

    So I narrow them to this.

    Fish Oil (3 gr)
    Magnesium (550 mg)
    Chromium (200mg)
    Zinc (400 mg)

    And thatīs it. Vitamin C I take it from yellow lemons and peppers, Vitamin D directly from the sun..thoughts?.

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    Check your D levels. That might need supplementation, depending on your skin tone and where you live.
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      The first 3 are great, definitely good of you to take them. The zinc may not be necessary if you're eating a lot of meat. Zinc supplementation blocks the absorption of copper and 400mg is INSANE. So maybe cut back on the zinc and make sure you're getting enough copper. In fact, supplementing with anything you're not getting enough of through food is pretty much the thing to do.
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        Ok Stabby, thank u you make very good points and I will axed Zinc from my supplement list.

        @Naia: I live in Sunny Baja California, so basically all I have to do to get my D is literally open up my curtains


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          I just wrote a long post - twice - and it deleted. ARgh!!!!

          Bottom line:
          ditch the chromium
          take as much zinc as you need after tracking zinc from food - the copper/zinc thing doesn't become a problem until 100 mg or so of zinc.
          fish oil - take it. I like this one:

          We need more DHA than EPA.

          The links in my sigature have a ton of information....most of it bulleted and in 'handout' format.


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            Sorryyy to hear that!!, hey great stuff in the links!

            But im curious, why ditch the chromium?


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              Chromium is not food! Eat food! Not METALS!


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                Thank you!

                and wrt chromium -I honestly can't remember why....brain is too full right now but I did just read something very compelling by someone very was enough to make me rethink my previous thoughts on the appropriateness of chromium as a supplement.

                work on the D, protein, zinc and potatssium and the rest will fall in place.

                iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order