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  • Struggling!

    I've finally passed the low carb flu (yay!). I've also added a probiotic supplement to help regulate my digestive issues. My current struggle is with protein. I went from eating fish and eggs maaaaybe once per week to eating both fish and eggs daily! I don't eat other types of meat.

    The past 2 days it has been almost nauseating to consume fish or eggs. I'm just having a really hard time meeting my protein requirements, and I hate smoothies so protein powder is out of the question. Soy based fake meats are carby and definitely not primal.

    Can I survive a couple days on fruits, veggies, dairy and nuts alone? Or am I asking for trouble? I just need a break to get over this hump. I am also going to try cooking/baking with almond meal, but I'm not sure how much protein that will give me. Any advice or input is appreciated!!

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    Make sure you get plenty of fat and you'll be ok without the eggs/fish. Dairy should have *some* protein in it depending on what you're eating.

    Other meats are out?


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      wow.. good luck!


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        Shoot for about .5 grams of protein per pound of Lean Body Mass (Total Body Weight - Fat Weight = LBM). You should certainly be able to get to your needed number with some fish and eggs! For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and have 25% body fat, then your LBM = 150 - 37.5 = 112.5 pounds. Then, .5g protein/lb LBM = 66g per day. That can be had with a 6oz salmon filet (34g protein), 2 eggs (12g protein), 1 serving of almonds or almond butter (6g protein), and the remaining portion from incedental protein in vegetables and fruit. If you fit in another serving of eggs (nature's perfect food), or have tuna or other tinned fish with lunch it'd be even easier. Do you not like chicken? Or are you coming from being a vegetarian or pescatarian?

        Hbeck has the right idea with getting plenty of fat, that's where the majority of your calories will come from. Eat a lot of veggies and some fruit and nuts, but make sure those veggies and fruits are paired with fat. Fruit with nut butter (almond is wonderful), veggies in salad with an oil based dressing, steamed and slathered with butter, sauteed in butter or lard or coconut oil (or my personal fave: bacon fat!) get the idea.

        My favorite veggies (ever, honestly):
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        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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          Maybe a spoonful of almond butter or coconut oil will help keep you fat consumption up while taking a break from meat. Cottage cheese and whole milk ricotta and/or butter may help as well, plus veggies sautéed in butter are amazing!
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            Good ideas with the fats and veggies!

            Yes, other meats are out. I am coming from pescatarian, and although I intend to eat meat again now is not the right time. I'm not mentally or financially prepared to bring meats back into my diet.

            My current weight is 107lb and body fat 17% according to bathroom scale. I think .5g protein per lb per day may be doable if I can stomach an egg or two All of the fish and eggs over the past two weeks has been ok, but now it's just too much and not at all appetizing.


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              Well ditto on the more fats. In fact without fat you cannot get all of the nutrients from your veggies... so a butter sauce or olive oil is pretty much necessary!

              Can I ask why no other meats? It would help to know where you're coming from. Same with the smoothies... why don't you like them? I ask because perhaps the reason you dont like something is avoidable. For example, I sometimes just toss a scoop of protein powder in some almond milk and water. It's basically like a not as sweet chocolate milk, and goes down quick and dirty. No muss, no fuss, and not like a whole "smoothie".

              The other reason I ask is because if you don't like certain meats... it could be because you're not used to eating them, you haven't had them prepared ina way that you like them... etc.

              Frankly, most of us spent years eating non-food food, and it can take a while to learn to "like" things. Sticking to a small variety is limiting in the long-run and will make this seem diet-ish... when in fact there are so many different things that you can eat that it's super varied! Keep in mind that you may have to "learn" to enjoy certain foods... and also you may find that the longer you don't eat frankenfoods the more receptive your taste buds become to real food.
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                Sneak the eggs in. Like make coconut milk custard ro something. Doesnt' taste "eggy" yet gives a goo damount of protein & fat. Or change up the fish preparation. Are you eating the eggs and fish the same way all the time? That might be your issue.


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                  I had trouble learning to eat meat and here's what I would do on days I couldn't stomach the idea of more protein:

                  hollandaise over veggies (esp asparagus! yum!)

                  Soup. I could make egg drop soup or a seafood chowder or what not.

                  Almond flour/coconut flour pancakes with berries and real whipped cream on top.
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                    okay cross posting!

                    I have my own ideas about the financial aspects of eating meat... frankly it's been cheaper for me, but I can understand not being ready to do it. Understand that by limiting in that way your meals will be semi repetitive and limited-- which is most likely why you're burning out on your food choices.

                    That aside... have you tried something like making egg custard (there's some recipes here somewhere). Or using eggs in things, not just eating them cooked by themselves? Maybe even try almond flour pancakes or something, where you're getting eggs not in egg form and protein from the almond flour... things like that.

                    I think it just sometimes takes time to get "out of the box" in your thinking. Maybe just peruse the recipes section... you might find some options that sound good that will liven it up a bit for you!
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                      MMMMM hollandaise.... ;-)
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                        I hear ya! I was a vegeterian (not even fish) for 8 years, then added meat back in. I ate a chicken sandwich from mcdonalds for lunch and promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half as my body tried to figure out what the hell that was! lol After that I bought some ground turkey & soy crumbles and cooked it up in spaghetti sauce, about 1:3 ratio to start sneaking it back in. I found that was a little easier mentally for me.
                        Eat lots of fat!! Olives, avocado, nuts of all kinds, whatever it takes to get you through!
                        Would a dip or salad of egg whites & avocado, butter, herbs galore (dill, tarragon, chives) & coco oil be okay? When eggs make me feel ill its b/c of the yolk.


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                          what about shrimp, scallops, etc? its at least a little different than straight up fish, and they are full of protein. and, have you considered a protein powder?


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                            Oh, well since you're pretty light you only need around 45g protein per day (slightly more if you're looking to build any muscle). That should be doable! I second lmyers suggestion for shrimp/shellfish, they might give you some needed variety if you've mostly just been eating white fish or salmon lately. Shrimp stirfry is good
                            You are what you eat,
                            and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                              Mark Sisson's wife, Carrie, was raised vegetarian and the only meat she eats is fish.

                              Here is a 2 day sample of her meals:
                              Breakfast – Green tea with heavy cream, smoothie with 30 grams protein powder and a handful of berries

                              Lunch – Salad with veggies, avocado and fish (usually salmon)

                              Dinner – Grilled fish with grilled veggies

                              Snacks – Half cup of plain full-fat yogurt with a bit of agave nectar

                              Breakfast – Green tea with heavy cream, 3 scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese

                              Lunch – Kale salad (pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and raisins), cup of yogurt

                              Dinner – Grilled fish with steamed veggies

                              Snacks – Handful of nuts

                              I can't wait to get Mark's cookbook. I'm afraid of burning out on eggs, too.