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Follow-up to my post about how to raise HDL

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  • Follow-up to my post about how to raise HDL

    I posted several weeks ago, concerned b/c the stupid Cholestech machine at work told me my HDL had gone from 68 to 42 in the span of a year. I asked my doc to run a lipid panel for me so I could get actual reliable lab numbers.

    Cholestech numbers -
    Total cholesterol: 178
    HDL: 42
    LDL: 120-something
    Triglycerides: not measured

    Bona fide lab lipid panel -
    Total cholesterol: 221
    HDL: 92!!!!!
    LDL: 120-something
    Triglycerides: 40!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it's safe to say that I am a-ok. In fact, I'd even say those numbers are pretty kickass.

    ETA: I did not get around to doing anything to try to raise the HDL. The measurements were taken about 2 weeks apart, both fasting.

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    Sounds like the chlosetech machine is bogus. Nevertheless, those are awesome numbers on your doc's test. What is your diet like?
    A steak a day keeps the doctor away