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Crunchy Primal Snacks/Veggies?

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    Originally posted by Helen in Oz View Post

    someone mentioned using beef jerky as a dipper!!!
    Helen, that was probably me! I make my own though, so it's not full of random crap, and not too salty. It tasted delicious with guacamole, too.

    As for crunchy- these are a little too fragile to use for dip, but kale crisps made in the dehydrator are SO good, easy, and satisfy that need for snacky crunchiness. The recipe I fund called for kale, a touch of raw honey, coconut oil, lemon juice, and sea salt.

    I second the vote for the dehydrator. Since I started following PB, the dehydrator, the CrockPot, and the Cuisinart have been on heavy rotation at my house. I have used those three things more in the last few months than I had over the last 7 years combined! The bread machine and the toaster, however....their days are numbered.
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      Originally posted by cerebelumsdayoff View Post
      What we also do is buy large portabella mushrooms and dry the caps the same way. What is the end result you ask? Only the best hamburger 'buns' around. Try eating your bison burger with a pair of delicious dried portabella caps and you will get a food-gasm. I guarantee it. These portabellas, although not crunchy, also work great as edible plates. The other day, I took a cap, put some mustard on it, topped it off with wild smoked salmon, guacamole, and some roasted red pepper. It was a party in my mouth.
      Oh wow, neat idea. Wish I had the cash and space.


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