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  • Eating too much?

    Right, either i'm going crazy, or i'm gaining BF %. I'm 12 stone (166-169lbs'ish) and my primary goal is to eat to gain muscle, while remaining relatively lean in the process, I know CW says you can't do both, but..ehhh, I dont feel bloated recently, I just look and feel softer than normal, maybe im going crazy.

    My Typical diet is :

    4 EGGS , 4 Rashers of Bacon cooked in butter /w Coffee & Heavy Cream

    (On a lifting day, I don't have preworkout on my Sprint/Shovelglove day)
    2 raw eggs & a glob of double cream /w a sprinkle of whey powder

    After gym:
    Scoop of whey protein (nothing else)

    Hour after w/o:
    Salad. Either half a lettuce to form the base, or a bag of leafs to form the base. A meat component (Tuna, Salmon, Mackeral, sardines, chicken, bacon, you name it) Chuck in 'accessory' veg / nightshades, spices and oils or cream.

    Dinner: Always based around a meat component, cooked or fried in butter. Stir fry, Frozen veg boiled. 'Meat and Veg' basically, just in different formats.

    Snacks: A few strawberries (literally 3-6), not everyday. Banana for dessert.
    May aswell drop these...

    I have 2/3/4 cups of het drinks a day Coffee (have cream in mine, normally the morning one) and black or roobios tea.

    When I started Primality, I had slightly less kcals and I felt leaner, but my lifting was crap, so I ate a bit more to compensate and now my performances are fine. Should I just keep at it and wait for lean mass to fix up my body composition?

    If anything I'm probably not eating enough for mass gains

    edit: Might be worth mentioning, the past few months Ive NOT been sprinting or doing any cardio, this week I've dropped WEDS as a lifting day and replaced it with SPRINTS and shovelglove. So maybe this will shape me up a bit, while building mass.
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    What's in "frozen veg?" I know the "mixed vegetables" in the freezer section of my grocery store are peas, carrots, and corn, sometimes with lima beans. Only the carrots are PB-compatible, and even those aren't great every day if you're trying to lose fat. I would suggest getting broccoli or spinach instead of mixed veg. Even things like snow peas are very high in sugar. Also, are you doing 2-5 hours per week of slow movement (not "cardio," but perhaps walking or play)? If you're literally doing nothing but some weightlifting, you're not going to have an easy time losing body fat. Although if you're not gaining any weight, it could be a sensitivity to something in your diet causing the "soft" look.

    Also, have you tried cutting all dairy, just to test? If you're actually sensitive, the irritation can make your tummy look bigger (according to Melissa Urban). And caffeine can cause water retention and lead to bloating (at least for me, it does).


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      If you're wanting to lose weight then I would suggest trying IFing. I don't know that you need to cut your calories, but maybe lose some of the veggies and for sure the bananas. I eat once or twice in the evenings to give myself plenty of time for my IF's to be effective.