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My soul dies a little when I read my nutrition textbook

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  • My soul dies a little when I read my nutrition textbook

    The second week of school is about to start. I'm in my last semester of nursing school. As part of my requirement I have to take nutrition. It is definitely an ordeal reading each chapter. My roommates look at me funny as I scream at my textbook about the false information. Today I read about the food pyramid. According to my textbook I probably should have died a few years ago from a major heart attack, and I currently should weigh around 300lbs. I just assume I must have gotten really good at sucking in all my fat to still be able to wear my size 4/6 jeans. Also, my blood pressure should be around 200/90 due to the large amounts of salt I eat. I think I'm probably just having a psychotic break every time I take my BP and see 110/60. There should be more fat then blood in my blood stream due to the high fat intake I eat. I can't weight till my professor reads my food diary. We have to list what foods are 'unhealthy' in our diets... Yeah... might have some issues with that.

    So as I read my nutrition book, my soul dies a little bit each day. I can't believe what they are teaching kids in school these days. Oh these poor misguided fools, they know not what they do.
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    Huh, I don't have to do nutrition.
    I mean, it is mentioned in about every subject but not as a single subject.
    I'm (hopefully) doing my last year of uni to be a nurse. 😊
    Hope your studies don't drive you too crazy.

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      My mother wants me to take classes in nutrition and go into public nutrition. "It'd be great for you!"

      What, to be a government lapdog spouting nutritional advice I don't believe in and may actually be killing us?

      Uh, yeah, no thanks mom.

      Oh and the government, USDA in particular, abandoned the food pyramid recently:

      USDA Gives Up Pyramid for Plate | Integrative Nutrition

      If your book still uses it, your book is teaching you outdated stuff. Not that the new stuff is too much better though. They did downgrade the grain intake recommendation a little though.
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        Heart healthy whole grains
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          I'm starting nursing school soon and I don't think I have to take it, but I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the barrage of conventional wisdom, hehe!

          I can't imagine having to read an entire textbook based in conventional wisdom. My goodness.
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            Originally posted by Nix View Post
            I can't weight till my professor reads my food diary. We have to list what foods are 'unhealthy' in our diets... Yeah... might have some issues with that.
            Let us know how that goes... I for one am very curious!


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              Just think of yourself as the Trojan Horse of nutrition. You'll soon be able to attack from within their ranks and paleo victory will follow
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                Welcome to my world.

                My children's teachers are going to hate the fact that my kids will likely ask questions about the incorrect information in their textbooks. I can't believe how rampant sugar-coating and outright lies are in most subjects. History and nutrition, it seems, are actively fighting for the title of biggest liar, however!
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                  Well, look at it this least your teacher isn't a vegan

                  When I was taking my nutrition coursework the instructor had us read "Diet for a New America" of all things on the side of the normal text. Looking back its not all that bad of an idea. It does expose factory farms for what they are. Still.....painfully obvious what the instructors bias was. The saving point for me (as I'd been doing the vegan bit for like 60 days while in his course and continuing to just get weaker) was when one of the clinic doctors pointed out " healthy do you really think that guy looks?"....I was like...." got a point....pass the steak please".