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Help with my very carby smoothie

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  • Help with my very carby smoothie

    I have been having the same smoothie for breakfast daily for months. I am now switching to an egg breakfast and having my smoothie only 3 days a week, after my swim workout, a carb, protein antioxidant boost/recovery. I swim about 1 3/4 mile 3 x per week.

    My smoothie contains: 8 oz kefir,, 1/2 cup frozen spinach, 3/4 c blueberries, 12 baby carrots, 1/2 banana, 1 egg yolk (from my own free ranging healthy hens) and a little filtered water to thin.
    This bad boy weighs in at 448 calories, 45g carbs and 22g protein. ...sometimes a little higher carb hit if I add kale.

    I use this as a vehicle to get the goodness of the kefir (can't drink it straight up!) and the antioxidant boost of the berries, the banana is there to sweeten the thing.

    I am trying to trim back my daily carbs a smidge and this just seems like to hard a carb hit. I am averaging about 88 g of carbs daily. I am good with my weight but I do have a little tummy fat/celulite. that I would like to lean out a bit. In just cutting this back to 3 days a week over the last week (and dropping 2 light beers a day!) I have lost 2 lbs I really don't need to lose more, but the fat is still there. Measurements around my belly: 28 1/2-29" and my hips (just above my hip bones) is 33"

    I don't want to obsess but I know this is a lot of carbs at once. Advice?


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    I can understand the kefir benefits. My guy flora is very sensitive to change, and after a round of antibiotics this winter, I was drinking kefir like it was going out of style. I've found since giving up grains, my tummy is way more happy and doesn't require help. I've given up kefir for coconut and almond milk as smoothie bases.

    Why 12 baby carrots in a smoothie? That seems like big source for carbs.


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      3/4 cup blueberries? I use about 4 in my smoothie. And yes, 12 baby carrots is a lot.


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        4 cups of blueberries? I am still using skim milk, which is better coconut or almond milk, or can i stick with the skim?


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          No, 4 blueberries.

          Why in the name of all that is holy would you use skim milk?
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            Keep the kale, ditch some carrots, ditch the banana. Add more berries if you want it sweeter. Just my thoughts...


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              I had to actually go calculate mine.

              Mine comes in at 431 calories, 17 g. Fat, 33g. Carbs and 32 g protein.

              Contents of my typical smoothie (2 scoops True Whey - grass fed concentrate, 1 cup Kefir (plain, lowfat [only because that is what they sell]), 1 cup mixed berries, 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1TBS Coconut Oil and ice.

              Cut the carrots, 9g. carbs, to bring yours down to 36 g. carbs. Cut the carrots, 9 g. carbs and 1/2 banana, 14.5 g. carbs, to bring it down to 21.5 g. carbs, although you may not find it sweet enough.
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                I make a smoothie for my son that tastes incredibly good and is pretty low in carbs. In blender combine one can of organic Thai coconut milk, and a handful of frozen fruit (don't know exactly how much). The longer I blend it the more smooth and creamy it gets. Depending on the person, that makes 2-4 smoothies.


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                  Have you thought about switching the kefir for greek yogurt? The *real* strained kind (even make your own...) not the American-yogurt-with-pectin kind? It is very low sugar (~8g per 8 oz) and high protein (20g). It has a lot of the same advantages of kefir...

                  Use coconut milk instead of the banana for thickness and sweetness... or a tbsp of oil, kept cool.

                  Just suggestions - your smoothie sounds delicious...



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                    Im using this: coconut milk from turtle mountain, doesnt taste much but work good as a base in the smoothies, and is also very low carb.


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                      I use 1 cup of homemade kefir (from raw milk) 1/2 cup of blueberries (frozen) 2 frozen strawberries, 2tbl spoons of coconut oil, 2 scoops of no carb whey protein powder and cinnamon. Never calculated it but I bet it's less than 20 grams of carbs and tastes great.


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                        Originally posted by mlosse View Post
                        I am still using skim milk, which is better coconut or almond milk, or can i stick with the skim?
                        Coconut milk is an excellent source of fat (and wicked tasty), the almond milk has been based upon a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon. It doesn't really bring anything to the table but a handful of carbs and antioxidants. Not sure that I'd buy another carton just yet.

                        The almond milk does round out the "Almond Joy" smoothie (coconut milk, almond milk, almond butter, and chocolate whey protein).


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                          I use whole milk, greek yogurt, coconut milk, heavy (whipping) cream, 2-3 handfulls of frozen berries, 1 frozen banana, avocado, chia nutra seeds, dulse flakes, sprinkle of flax, handful of spinach, and cinnamon but haven't measured the macronutrient profile. This is a sweet smoothie that we share between myself, my wife, and my twins. Sometimes I have extra to take to work.

                          Try decreasing the carrots, and tossing in half of a zucchini but when you add more fresh stuff it can become frothy if blended too long. Apples add lots of sweet taste, so I may use half an apple with half a banana, and berries with the other listed ingredients.


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                            Ok great advice, thank you.

                            To answer a couple of questions...I am coming from a high veg diet, the goal is 10 servings a day so if I can drink a few in my morning smoothie it is great. The carrots are there because the fiber helps to minimize or slow the blood sugar spike and resulting insulin reaction.

                            The 3/4 cup blueberries are 1 fruit serving and a good source of antioxidants.... again coming from a count your veggies & fruits perspective, not a count your carbs perspective.

                            Greek yogurt really is not similar enough to kefir for me to make the switch, so I will have to politely disagree with you on that one. Yoghurt's beneficial bacteria are transient....they help as they pass thru our gut. Kefir's beneficial bacteria actually colonize in the gut for better protection against pathogens.

                            I guess I need to reconcile my belief in a high veg diet vs the primal mindset of minimal carbs.
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                              80g carbs a day is within the 'maintenance' or even 'weight loss' zone on PB. Lots of veggies is fine. If you're looking to get into ketosis, yes you would need to cut some stuff out but as far as PB-by-the-book, the mindset is very very heavy on veggies.