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I'm begining to suspect Primal is a joke

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  • I'm begining to suspect Primal is a joke

    Hello all,

    10 Days, 10 arduous days of Primal eating so far and I have gained 1/4 pound. I haven't even lost the water weight that many do wtf.

    I have been eating real well if not same old same old. Yesterday for example breakfast after 16 hour fast - 5 boiled eggs and 5 cherry tomatoes, snack 1oz of almonds, an apple, dinner 2 large chicken breasts with homemade dry spice rub, broccoli, cabbage, onions. during the course of the day I drank 5 cups of green tea and 4 litres of water. I can't really eat more as I really do not want to and tbh types of snack are limited.

    That's it, that is my average day, no potatoes, no rice, no bread, no dairy, no sugar in any form (other than the apple) nada. 10 days of 100% commitment with zero return, where else in life would a return like that be acceptable.

    6ft male, 198lbs

    Could really use some pointers as this is starting to feel like a painful chore and i'd really like this way of eating to work, I realise it's still early on in the change but most lose loads early on where i have made a gain.

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    Wow, 10 whole days!!!

    I committed to an entire year and got fantastic results. Try three months at least, have a blood test done before and after (testosterone, HDL, TG, blood sugar, etc). The "return" is far more than just fat loss.
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      198 is already a great weight for your height. You want to add muscle, and the fat will vanish as the muscle grows. I take it you have scrawny arms and a huge gut? Primal will fix that. But drop the chicken and get to the red meat for better results. Egg yolks are also more nutritious when still runny, so aim for sunny-side-up or over easy instead of boiled.

      At your height and weight, I wouldn't expect to (or want to) lose mass. But give it a year, maybe six months, and you'll have the abs to show for it. Remember to lift HEAVY and rest well.
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        Enjoy the awesome food you get to eat, sprint, lift.......... and give it some time!

        It's supposed to be about enjoyment. People forget that far too often.


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          10 days? wow i commend you, not many could follow through on that type of commitment!

          it's been a week and a half. maybe you're growing muscle, maybe your beard follicles are readying to burst forth in a spectacular display of beardliness, maybe you just need to go #2?

          10 days isn't really enough time to declare zero returns on any diet. but, you know, do what makes you happy
          yeah you are

          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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            Primal is no joke! I lost 40 lbs of fat and many inches of my waist in just 5 months.

            I'm 6 foot and my weight seems to hover around 195. I lift weights and just started Crossfit (I rarely run). I don't count calories but I imagine I'd lose weight (and energy) if I restricted myself to 2000 a day.

            Maybe you could try that.
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              Your drinking 5L of fluid a day?
              That seems a bit much.

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                I've been doing primal for a bit over a month now, with basically no deviations (except for that bottle of Goldstrike..) and haven't lost weight. Which is fine. I'm not doing this to lose a lot of weight. I mean, some weight loss would be nice, but it's more about the other effects for me. Also, you will not lose weight (fast) if you're eating maintenance calories.

                Maybe you're just to focused on weight to notice other changes?

                I wake up able to do something but sit and wait for my breakfast to kick in.
                I'm not hungry if it's busy at work and I skip lunch.
                I'm sleeping less hours, but falling asleep easier and feeling more rested when I wake up.
                My cheeks aren't that annoying red colour anymore.

                Primal eating is more than losing weight, but give it some time for your body to catch up to what you are doing.


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                  Would you give up if you got those results on a low-fat diet? No? Then why give up on primal if it has barely even been a week? Come on now.


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                    Hello all,
                    Firstly I appologise for the tone of my original post, woke up extremely grumpy this morning and posted just after stepping off of the scales for the 1st time since going Primal.

                    I confess my primary reason for going primal is fat loss but i'm not ashamed of a little vanity.
                    I was disappointed at the slight gain on the scales especially after reading of 100s who lost weight day after day but I AM NOT GIVING UP.

                    It was wrong of my to post zero gains, I have seen gains. My energy is more consistent, my mental agility has improved yet still I am disappointed by the weight issue you see at 6ft and 198lbs I am all Man Boobs and Belly and I want to get shot of it. I have no desire to be on the cover of Men's Fitness, I do not crave a washboard stomach but I do want to look the right shape.

                    Is it possible to feel completely normal for the 1st 9 days then bang on day 10 Carb Flu. Today I have been craving carbs like a bastard, irritable to the point of being dangerously angry most of the day and i've had a bit of a headache all seem to have subsided after a late breakfast of chicken and vegies? Probably the reason for the initial and unreasonable rant.

                    Anyway like I said I am not quitting, I feel like crap but then I did when I quit my 40 day smoking habit but not now 8 months later.

                    oh and as for #2s that one of you posted, I am in the politest possible sense nowhere near as regular as I was.

                    onwards and upwards as my scale says :-P


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                      I forgot to add that whilst i'm not sleeping any longer my sleep seems to be of better quality and I tend to wake just before the alarm fully rested


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                        At a minimum I would give it a month.
                        Yes, the real Dirk.


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                          Unless your starting out obese and eating a diet heavy in grains and processed foods, I think a primal diet is likely to be a disappointment as a short term fat loss strategy. Body recomposition will be very slow unless you make a serious commitment to primal exercise as well. It's great that you're feeling other benefits. I kind of eased into a primal diet so I never felt anything like carb flu and even now, 18 months in, I continue to feel better and better.
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                            Originally posted by dirk41 View Post
                            At a minimum I would give it a month.
                            I intend to


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                              Well, if you're backed up more than usual, that's part of it as well. Stuff that hasn't been expelled, food that you've taken into your body and waste not gone out.

                              1/4 gain is nothing, I could chug a cup of water before going on the scale and have the same effect. Oh noes, instant 1/2lb gain.

                              Make sure you're moving around and getting exercise, eating good foods to fuel that (I second red meat and yolks and all the nutritious things) but don't be afraid of carbs as well. Primal carbs, obviously.

                              But yeah 10 days is really nothing.