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Has anyone tasted Slankers / Texas Grassland Bison?

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  • Has anyone tasted Slankers / Texas Grassland Bison?

    Checked their website and they have the lowest prices I've seen for grass fed bison (including organs, which I want). However, the site says some of their products are not bison but water buffalo. They claim no difference, but has anyone actually tasted it? Curious if there is a difference in taste. Honest reviews are appreciated, thanks.

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    I used them but bought beef, goat and lamb from them. Their organ meats are really affordable and the overall quality of the meats was good. I can definitely recommend their meats and service.

    Bison vs water buffalo? You'll have to google some more to figure that one out.


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      I've purchased pork, goat, lamb, and beef--all very good. As for the bison/buffalo issue, no clue, but I'm interested in the answer as well.
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        I can echo what the others have said regarding the quality of Slankers meat in general (had beef ribeye for dinner, in fact) but have not tried the bison myself. I have a local bison farmer that I buy bison from and the meat is excellent.


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          The only bison we have tried so far is the ground bison, and the whole family liked it very much. We're considering ordering some more next time, as well as some other cuts of bison.


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            Thanks for replies everyone. They are currently out of some of the organs I want anyway. I'd rather get the bison (looks like stronger animal to me) so will see when that comes in.


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              i ordered their beef before...good... my first time with grassfed from them, only thing was i expected a lot more fat...grassfed is so lean
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