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What do you think of these products -- Take Two

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  • What do you think of these products -- Take Two

    A) "Salba," a type of chia seed. Also, what do you think of chia? They both seem like nice ways to get Omega 3s. Am I wrong?
    Omega3:Omega6 = 3.6:1

    B) Hemp Oil
    Omega6:Omega3 = 3:1
    How does your opinion of this compare to other oils? (Not for cooking)

    C) Hemp Seed Butter (20% Omega3, 52% Omega6, 10% Omega9)
    Deliciousness... how does your opinion to these ratios compare to your opinion of other nut/seed butters?

    Thanks I always love hearing everyone's input.
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    I do chia but no hemp.
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      Firstly, alpha-linolenic acid (from plant seeds) is converted extremely inefficiently to the HUFAs EPA and DHA which are the ones your body can utilize. It isn't a good way to get omega 3 to meet your requirements, however it does appear to have some anti-inflammatory effect on dietary omega 6 so including some in your diet may be a good idea.

      Chia, salba, flaxseed, are all good in my opinion but not the oils. The oils are devoid of nutrients and liable to oxidization.

      Hemp seeds are also good for the nutrient content in small amounts. I eat a tablespoon most days. It might be a good idea to pair them with chia seeds or something, that's what I do. The oil would be completely counterproductive as you're trying to normalize your ratio of omega 3:6 and it would just be distorting it without any of the nutrients of the seeds themselves. Granted, hemp oil does have GLA which is good for inflammation too, but if you're looking for GLA borage oil is the best choice because it doesn't come with a lot of linoleic acid.

      Hemp seed butter probably wouldn't be a good idea. If it's cooked those fats will be oxidized and harmful and even if it's raw it will still distort your omega 3:6 ratio, and would be way too easy to go overboard with.
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        agree with everything stabby said. everything.

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          For me... personally... unnecessary. I wouldn't bother.


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            Argh! I posted a reply but its gone. Anyhow, thank you all for your replies! Stabby, great input. The hemp butter is raw. As for the hemp oil, I was given a large bottle and have been using it to mix up my salads, which I usually use Olive oil or Avocado oil (infused with rosemary!) in. What makes those oils more beneficial than the hemp oil?

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              hemp and flax are incredibly unstable and oxidize with amazing rapidity. olive is incredibly stable. Not sure about avocado. I tend though, to take the view that we should get our fat in food, not separately. I do use EVOO and EVCO but more often than not just blend avocado and tomato for dressing. Just cracked a coconut and blended the meat and water then froze it into cubes....can be used for creamy dressings, smoothies etc. I also like tahini dressing - water, tahini, lemon, garlic, chives etc


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                I bought a bag of chia seeds on a whim when I was making raw-vegan smoothies for breakfast (I wasn't a raw-vegan; I just wanted to cut down my egg consumption for economical reasons), and I've since become rather sick of them. But I'm considering using them for my breakfast to make a kind of primal muesli with almonds, chia, fruit, and coconut (topped with coconut milk/cream) next time I need breakfast inspiration. Anyone in the DC area, MOMs Organic Market has chia seeds on sale 2-for-1.

                Also, chia pudding with coconut/almond milk, and some cocoa powder and maybe a dab of honey is a nice way to have a cool treat.

                I have a feeling if I ever spent a week harvesting seeds, my consumption of seeds would go way down, since I would actually associate that tablespoon of seeds with the labor that it takes to gather them...