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  • Egg Dilemma

    I am currently buying omega-3 eggs from my grocery store, but I recently discovered a local farmer who sells eggs. He lets them roam the farm but feeds them grain . Should I switch to the farmer's eggs or continue buying from the grocery store?

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    If you can get farm eggs, you should do it. I am not an expert, but I think all egg hens get some grain feed.


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      From my local egg producers:

      We get many questions that range from do you feed them soy, corn, wheat, etc....The answer is yes. Chickens can not live on bugs and greens alone, they must also get there minerals, vitamins and protein through specially formulated laying feed. The energy it takes for a chicken to lay 4-5 eggs a week is tremendous and they need a well balanced diet to do so. Please remember most current egg laying chickens are not wild animals, they rely on humans for safety and food. (however, I will admit I do have 1 or 2 birds that do choose to roost in trees and do choose to survive with minimal assistance).

      A typical bird in the wild does not lay 4-5 eggs a week. A bird in the wild lays maybe a dozen eggs in the spring and hatches them. Majority of chickens are breed for egg consumption, which is around 250+ eggs a year, that requires tremendous amounts of food and a balanced diet. Each chicken eats 1/4lb or more a day, more in winter.

      If you want an egg from a hen that does not eat soy, corn or wheat, we recommend you raise chickens on special diets that meet your needs. Not only is it fun and exciting, but you have ultimate control of what goes in your body. We are after all what we eat.

      We do strive to make sure our eggs coming from healthy happy chickens that do not need antibiotics, that have constant fresh air for healthy lungs and are in the sun to soak up the Vitamin D that we so need. We work hard to make sure the eggs you eat are much better than a factory farm, where they live indoors, in tight confinement and cannot exhibit natural behaviors.


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        farm eggs for sure.

        and yes, all laying hens get some grain.
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          I try my damndest to buy local. When local doesn't provide, I go to online. My last resort is the grocery store.

          Just my experience, but it seems like finding really well raised chicken, eggs, and pork is the most difficult - which makes some kind of weird sense when I see that CAFO chicken, eggs, and pork are some of the least expensive foods around.
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            I'd go for the happy free range local chicken eggs, myself.
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              Local is always a safe bet, even if they're fed grain. The grocery-store eggs might say they're high in omega-3 but you never know for sure.


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                No dilemma at all. If you can see the local chickens running around in grass, ever, there's a 99% chance they're better than the best eggs you can buy for $8/dozen in the grocery store. And cheaper. And better for nearly everyone, from the farmer to the biosphere.
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                  Ok, I think I've made my decision to go with the farmer's eggs.
                  Thanks so much guys!!


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                    I'm sure the omega 3 eggs are grain and soy fed also. Usually they just give them flax (more crap you shouldn't eat) so they can call it omega 3. Go with the local semi-pastured eggs.

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                      I have about 40 layers. There isn't any "commercial" feed out there that doesn't have grain in it. There aren't any "commercial" feeds, that I know of, that have meat in them. Even the chickens that lay those high-priced "free range organic" eggs are fed grain.....