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Any other autoimmune sufferers?

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    I have struggled with autoimmune problems for 13 years now! It can take over your life and eventually take your life! Pretty much all my "disorders" go away if I stay absolutely grain free, dairy free (not even butter), soy free, no nitrates, no nuts or seeds (almonds don't seem to cause any problems),
    and absolutely no no no nightshades!!!
    They shut down my system!

    Now, I did this total elimination for almost 9months. I lost a lot of weight but I also lost a lot of hair and started having adrenal fatigue issues. I needed to up my carbs, but I upped them the wrong way and gained back weight and autoimmune issues. I'm on the mend again.


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      Psoriatic Arthritis here!! immune system loves to attack my bones in couple of fingers and toes after I consume nightshades...Tomatoes/Peppers/Potatoes/Eggplant....Haven't had to use painkillers for months until I went out at the weekend and had a BBQ sauce on my rack of ribs....seems it had a tomato puree base to it and now I'm sore again.....usually lasts about a week until the heat in the joints goes away along with the pain...always swollen though..
      Dropped grains too and have found that I retain water and feel bloated on the rare occasions that I eat them..