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    (am posting from iPad since this site is blocked from work!)

    Speaking of work, I'm having probs getting enough food here. I have a small fridge and microwave, but timing is a prob. I only have 30-40 mins to eat, including prep time. I am a SLOW eater. I can't find things to eat, especially for breakfast. I have to be here stupid early so breakfast is eaten here period one. Any ideas for breakfast? I do eat dairy but yogurt gets old fast.

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    I bring a Big Ass Salad to work with me and eat it around 9am, uasually the first thing I eat all day. Hard boiled eggs are easy. Bacon in the microwave works well without any special cooking utensils. I have even perfected fried eggs in the micro, but that takes a while.


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      Can you do extra dinner and take the left overs in the next day and heat them up?
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        I make the Breakfast Spinach Frittata and then freeze the extras for work breakfasts--I get in at 5AM and they are reheating in the microwave by 6 or so.

        Lunch is leftovers frozen in individual portions.

        Also helps to do 2 IF's per week.


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          I bring hard boiled eggs to work all the time. They don't need to be reheated and they can be cooked ahead of time!


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            Like the people above me said. Hard boiled eggs and salads are great. Or chicken and veggies that can be heated up in 2 minutes in the microwave.

            If the portion size is not HUGE, I can't imagine it would take you more than 30-40 minutes to eat your lunch? Even if youw ere a slow eater. I eat slow and I am done in about 25 minutes with mine.


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              For a snack, BabyBel cheeses and beef jerky travel well. Good luck!