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  • Stomach Bug

    I have had a stomach bug all last week, with
    really bad pains and throwing up, since then I
    have no appetite and don't want to eat, I am
    flat out eating one meal a day, and I have to
    force myself to eat it.

    Is this going to harm me, or is it just my
    body's way of wanting to get better. I hope
    it doesn't stall any weight loss.

    Any suggestions for trying to keep my strength
    up, will coconut oil help, I heard it is good for
    lots of things, and my supply turned up the other

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Rest and stay hydrated. I wouldn't worry too much about eating right now. You'll know when you can handle it.


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      I completely agree with the above. Eat what you can but don't stress about it, our bodies are good at dealing with this kind of stuff, and if you're not hungry it's probably because your digestive system wants a bit of a break. But do make an extra effort to drink lots of water, and be sure to rest.

      Don't be alarmed if your weight fluctuates a lot as you recover, and don't take any number on the scale too seriously. I think most people experience a temporary drop in weight from something like this, but once you start eating normally again you'll probably get back to where you were before you got sick.
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