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Please don't crucify me for this, but is it bad to eat quinoa or oatmeal??

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    You know there's something wrong with this forum when a poster has to start a thread with, "Please don't crucify me for this"...

    LivingHealthyLove: as much as we value the opinions of others, you really need to answer this question yourself. If you enjoy oatmeal and it gives you energy, helps you post-workout, whatever, then by all means EAT THE OATMEAL!
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      Oh, sorry, I thought that was the name of a market.
      If out, do the best to eat what makes you feel good, nourished & healthy


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        Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
        the $8 omelet was out. so was the $2 oatmeal that probably cost the restaurant about 10 cents to make.

        my pastured eggs cost about $3/dozen. i'd have to eat about 30 eggs before i got to $8 worth.
        where do you get pastured eggs for $3/dozen? Oh btw, what the hell are 'pasteurized' one said anything about them, I am just curious, if anyone knows......:-)
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          our local dairy farm sells eggs from a local egg farmer. win/win on that and the eggs are between $3.29 and $3.59/dozen.

          i've seen people talk about pasteurized eggs and a restaurant i worked in used them for caesar dressing and "hollandaise". they come in a carton, like milk. yuk.
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            Originally posted by Barnyard View Post
            where do you get pastured eggs for $3/dozen? Oh btw, what the hell are 'pasteurized' one said anything about them, I am just curious, if anyone knows......:-)
            Actually there is such a thing. A proper Caesar salad dressing uses raw egg yolks. Since restaurants can't afford a sick or dead customer if there is salmonella in them, food purveyors provide pasteurized egg yolks in container. I've also read pasteurizing instruction for DIY but I don't remember the details. The trick is to kill the buggers w/o starting to cook it.


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              Hi guys, I see there's a lot of focus on the cost of my eggs, haha. I live and work in NYC. Enough said as to the cost of living. I am also in banking and my work schedule is beyond insane. I work by deadline and not by the clock. If I need to pull an all nighter in the office, I do. That being said, a typical day when I cannot make my own food at home, I buy it (most days). That day, I was faced with the decision of what to buy for breakfast. I know I'll have to buy lunch and if it is "paleo" I will spend anywhere from $9 - $13 (either I go to a food bar to select and weigh my food or those uppity healthy food spots) and I can expense dinners. I didn't want to spend more than $20 that day for food, so I caved and opted for the steel cut oats ($2.15 with everything on it). It costs over $8 for an omelet with only broccoli and cheese with bacon the side. To my surprise, I felt better than I had in a while after I had that oatmeal. Just trying to give you all an idea of why a paleo person even reached for the grains, haha. Hopefully, you all can stop telling me how much a dozen eggs costs. I already know how much it costs near me. Trader Joe's is my best friend for the best cost. Anywho.. let's kill that discussion.. it's really not the focal point.


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                Huge difference. You're talking about purchasing eggs and making them at home. I'm talking about buying an omelet. Why would it cost $8 for me to make 2 eggs at home? It may cost $5.99 to buy a dozen organic eggs at some grocery stores near me, but I know better to go to Trader Joe's where it only costs about $2.99 for a dozen.

                Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
                justifying oatmeal vs eggs because of the price is ludicrous, lol, sorry. i eat 3-4 eggs daily (at home) and even with other stuff added it's under $1.

                have you tried adding other nutritious carbs back in? starchy tubers or fruit instead of empty cals like oatmeal? you don't say what you eat for carbs normally, so that might be a better and more healthful option.

                obvz, you're an adult. the primal police aren't putting you in the stockade if you want to eat oatmeal, but i don't see the point of it. especially more days than not.


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                  Hi Picklepete! I feel fine eating potato, squash and plantain, but it doesn't give me this energy boost that I get with steel cut oats and quinoa. Not sure why that is.

                  Originally posted by picklepete View Post
                  Among the natural foods grass seeds are the most openly hostile to us. Of course not every type is a poison dagger for every individual but in the interest of simplifying the variables it's usually the first group to cut. How do you feel after non-seed starch like potato, squash, plantain?

                  I'm not religious so I don't know what sinful means but my experience and observation = losing 50# on grains would be a rough road.


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                    Hey eats.meats.west! I never said I made them at home (I would love to if I had more time on my hands most days). I'm talking about purchasing an omelet. I posted a reply to all who commented on the cost of my eggs. Check it out if you wish.

                    I'm starting to think eating oatmeal isn't that bad.. considering how I feel.

                    Originally posted by eats.meats.west View Post
                    $8 omelet at home is highly suspect. As a weight loss tool, Oatmeal was very helpful to me before I found Paleo/Primal. I have no desire to go back to it but it probably is on my ok list.


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                      Great! Yea, I think I should only eat it on workout days and it may actually help because I'm more awake when I eat steel cut oats. I just don't want to reverse any progress I've made if I incorporate it into my lifestyle. So far, so good.. but I'm just unsure considering all I've read.

                      I am intolerant to wheat and I don't do very well with bread in general. I get bloated and I just feel heavy. I don't feel this way with steel cut oats or quinoa.

                      Originally posted by Nekron View Post
                      It works for me when i workout after eating it. Otherwise i get that huge typical slugfest around noon that went away when i started eating primal.

                      Also count it as empty carbs because the minerals arent that useable. The biggest problem (namely gluten) isnt in oats in any significant amount, so if wheat didnt literally kill you before i dont see a big problem with eating it for breakfast if it works for you.


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                        @gergirl, @kmarie, @patski and @Drock : Thanks! I think I should just listen to my body and see where this goes. The advice given in all of the paleo/primal books Iíve read are only templates. I should just experiment and see what works for me and my lifestyle. I just donít want to run with it and it hurts me in the long run. Iíll see. Thanks!

                        @JoanieL : Thanks! I addressed the cost in one of my replies. In my original post, I wasnít talking about making breakfast at home, I was talking about my decision on what to eat when I had to buy it before work, which happens to be most days. Check out the reply if you like. I will continue to experiment with oatmeal and quinoa. So far, it seems like all should be good, I just hope I wonít feel sluggish or that the effects will wear off in the long run.

                        @Mutton Thanks for your reply! Iíd love to incorporate oatmeal and quinoa into my diet maybe twice or three times a week. I am nervous about the toxins that you mention. I feel great now, but will I feel sluggish and heavy later on? I typically get my carbs from veggies like broccoli, kale, and spinach. I also eat both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, but nothing makes me feel good like some steel cut oats in the morning. How weird..


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                          Haha, didn't see this. Thanks for getting that settled.

                          Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
                          form the op:

                          guys, lol. she was OUT. not cooking at home.


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                            It sounds like the oatmeal is working for you, and you seem to have made the Primal transition in all other respects. Are you eating around 100g carbs/day? As long as you budget for the oat carbs, go for it.

                            But if you're having trouble shedding the pounds, the oatmeal will probably have to go.

                            $8 for an omelet in NYC is cheap. Just watch out for the soy oils, please?
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                              If you feel good, then why listen to other folks?

                              Honestly it could just be a carbs effect... Maybe you could get that same energy from sweet potatoes, fruits, etc. My sleep sucked more when I am lower carb.
                              HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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                                Oats are nutritious, heart healthy, cheap, tasty and they make you feel good. It would illogical for you not to eat them.