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Tapioca primal?

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  • Tapioca primal?

    I know tapioca is made from the cassava root but I'm not sure if it is primal. One of my favorite deserts is a vietnamese desert that involves tapioca and bananas. It would be a damn shame not to be able to eat it.
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    Tapioca is from cassava. Cassava, as a root, is primal in it's whole form - though it offers very poor nutrition, mostly starch and empty calories compared to produce, nuts, seeds, some fruits and high quality muscle and organ meats from a variety of animals. Nutritionally speaking, it would be the low man on the totem pole. To refine it (as in tapioca), is to further remove nutrition and increase the gycemic index.

    Proceed with caution....and of course if it has sugar added, then no, it's not primal.
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