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Small Primal Victory today ...

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  • Small Primal Victory today ...

    As some of you guys know, I'm Peruvian, but reside in New Jersey with my older sister and both my parents. Ever since I started the PB I've been cooking only for myself, sometimes for my mother, sometimes for my sister, but almost never for my father, he's the most resistant of them all when it comes to NOT eating rice, bread, pasta, etc. He's a truck driver, and works very hard, so my mother's logic has always been "let's just give him what he likes, no use arguing all the time" and I've been okay with that.

    He was also a smoker for most of his life but quit 5 years ago, cold turkey, the only problem was he replaced his before bed cigarette with before bed ice cream. So he's packed on the pounds for sure, we're the same height, 5'7 but he probably weighs close to 190, somewhat muscle bound from his job but definitely sporting a big ol' belly as of late.

    He's been complaining that some of his clothes don't fit, belts are too tight, etc. I keep telling them all to just make small adjustments to their diets, but it falls on deaf ears for the most part.

    Today he got home from work starved and my mother hadn't cooked anything. My mother suggested getting Pizza Hut (there's one down the block) and my dad jumped on the idea and asked me to make the call. I suggested instead that I cook them something and sent him off to shower. Quickly I whipped up bacon (of course), sliced steak and spinach, then I found some cauliflower and attempted cauliflower rice for the first time. I'm happy to report that all three ate every bite and even had some compliments, and even criticism! they claimed the "rice" was a little salty, something I had purposely done to give the cauliflower some flavor, but I also added butter to it and I forgot that bacon is salty in its own right so it was a biiiit salty but not enough to keep them from eating it. I presented the plate so that it looked like rice with a side of meat and veggies and though I didn't fool them into thinking it was rice at least the presentation was inviting enough for them to venture in. Maybe they were just hungry, but I still think it was a step in the right direction, to show them that you don't have to always have beans and rice as a side for your meat which is what they usually do.

    I hope to be able to cook for them a bit more often, but I need to get the PB cookbook before they tire of just dark greens and meat! Also, I'm really REALLY not a fan of "replacing" but I figure I want to ease them into it and if they need to physically see something that resembles rice then so be it for now... I realize now that even growing up we just never ate vegetables as an entree, we only had them in salads and sometimes in soups so that's one big change they need to get with but they're all over weight by at least 20lbs each so I really want to help them. Anyway, just wanted to share, maybe some of you guys that are struggling with similar issues should give cooking for them a shot and play to their likes but "primalize" everything ..
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    Great Stuff!!
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      Nice! That's always a good feeling.

      I've been trying to get my parents to eat healthily but they're stuck in the idea that as long as they don't eat fast food and take the supplements that I recommended .(I fixed my mom's high blood pressure and my dad's arthritis with supplements alone. I had to buy them and give them as gifts though) there's really no improving upon anything. My mom still eats 1000 calories a day, a significant chunk of that being bread, cereal, and dairy and my dad still thinks that 5 pieces of asparagus and a slice of tomato counts as vitamin c for the day but they're getting better. I just feel like a broken record sometimes.
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        Awesome congrats!... like the say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!... I've been working away at my coworkers and I think a few of them are starting to think... ... maybe one day it will lead to action but today I'll settle for thinking


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          I too do most of the cooking when I'm with my family. I'm happy to say that they eat whatever I put before them, happily and with much moaning and clapping. lol Do they do anything primal when I'm not around? Sadly no.

          They think I work too hard in the kitchen and would rather microwave something. Sigh...

          Go for the meatza! Your family will LOVE IT!

          As far as ice cream, try making your own for your Dad. At least then you can cut the sugar down by a lot!
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