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  • NY Times Article on Fats

    Hi All! This is my first time posting on this site, but I wanted to share a NY Times article from today that really supports the primal outlook on fat. The nutritional Scientist, Fred Kummerow still mentions eating "whole grains", but in fairness, he studies fats not grains. Provides a lot of support for eliminating trans fats and supports eating saturated animal fats like whole eggs (not just the whites), whole milk and red meat. A great read for you and anyone giving you a hard time about eating fat! It also documents Mr. Kummerow's fight against "conventional wisdom" in trying to convince the scientific world that trans fats are dangerous.

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    Good read!
    Trans fat is sinister because it's so invisible. I've met folks who understand and agree it's toxic but see no problem with their Pringles and Chips Ahoy because they aren't cooking with refined oils.

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      Types and quality of oils is probably the most important information I have learned from this forum and Mark's blogs. Dr. Kummerow is championing saturated fat, eggs, red meat, full fat milk etc. in addition to fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods.
      I googled him and he has a book which seems like it would really expand on the information in the article. It’s on amazon and called “Cholesterol Won't Kill You, But Trans Fat Could: Separating Scientific Fact from Nutritional Fiction in What You Eat”.

      Anyways, thanks for the link above.
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        Good article. If he would cut out the whole grains he'd probably live to be 100 for sure.


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          Good article. The good doctor has the patience of Job.


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            Holy crap, he's been at this THAT long? I'm amazed, awed and humbled.
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              Originally posted by Wildrose View Post
              Holy crap, he's been at this THAT long? I'm amazed, awed and humbled.
              Right. If it had been me, I would have said "screw you and the horse you rode in on" and been done with it 50 years ago.