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  • Help with protein quantity

    I've been shooting for 2200 to 2400 calories a day with less than 50 g of carbs a day, about 200 g of protein, and the balance being fat.

    My level of 200 g a day of protein has been my target for the last 6 months, well before I hit VLC, as I wanted to make sure I didn't lose much muscle mass. I have lost weight though.

    Lately I've been tracking anywhere from 190 to 225 g of protein a day.

    Currently I'm 185, run about 15 miles a week, 2 nights a week I do a 75 min high intensity MMA class, and and get 1-2 5x5 lifting workouts in a week, so I'm pretty active.

    Typically I get my daily protein from a half dozen eggs, 8 oz of chicken breast, 4 to 6 oz of meat with dinner, and whey protein shake.

    Am I eating too much protein? Should I limit myself to 175 to 185 g a day?

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    Protein to lean body mass is what I keep reading for figuring the ratios. Assuming 10% body fat, you're right around 1.2 g of Protein per pound of lean mass, which is certainly fine for <50g carbs and the rest of the calories you're getting. More body fat, you may want to cut back slightly.