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Effects of different food hacks/mono-food diets

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  • Effects of different food hacks/mono-food diets

    Hi, all! Happy Monday.

    I know most of us probably aren't proponents of mono-food hacks/diets for the long-term (and some might even argue that it doesn't help play a role in the "detox" process if, say, you've slacked off from Primal during the holidays). However, I did do a 3-day hard-boiled egg hack back in the summer, and it really cracked down on my sugar cravings. Just based on what I've seen on this forum, the following food hacks have been done:

    Steak and Eggs
    Potato (all varieties, not just sweet)

    Although a short-term mono-food diet is NOT necessary with weight loss, in my experience it can definitely help to spur it. I'm guessing that each type of food would have a different effect, based on its nutrient breakdown. If your goal is to lean out (and you want to lose about 25-40 lbs), which kinds of hack would be more effective at curbing cravings and kickstarting fat loss, considering that all of them would likely create a calorie deficit? What is everyone's opinion on the efficacy of these types of hacks?

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    Monodiets are like the mirror image of the elimination diet. If you eat only one food in a day, you may seriously react and find out the hard way that food doesn't belong in your monodiet. That happened to me when I was trying to eat only one food in any day, and it happened more than once.


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      I've only ever tried one, the potato hack. Just this past week. I lose six pounds in six days and was really satiated by the potatoes, keeping my calorie intake low. I only did potatoes, plain cold boiled ones for lunch and served hot with broth and a little pepper and hot sauce for dinner. I did yukon gold. IMO there's some magic in those spuds.


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        If your goal is to "lean" out and lose 25-40lbs then no hack will help you. You need a lifestyle you can live with. Primal with an IF eating window and the proper kind of exercise is what I would suggest.


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          Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
          You need a lifestyle you can live with.

          I don't want to discourage OP but IMO learning a new template for shopping and cooking is a major investment of personal research and effort. Going through this ordeal twice--once to learn a hack diet and again to learn a maintenance diet--runs double the risk of becoming discouraged so it may be wiser to cultivate the lifelong diet from the outset (whether done in small or big steps)

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            Effects of different food hacks/mono-food diets

            Lol I don't think more than one person did the banana hack as documented on mda... That person being me. XD I liked it and might do more days of it or just eat fruits for a few days. I was bouncing off the walls in a good way and lost a tiny bit of weight eating 2000cals of bananas a day. Raw fruitarians are on to something but I couldn't survive permanently without meat. I wouldn't be doing this for weightloss though... More like when I am on the road and don't want to ingest too much seed oil 24/7. Next week's skiing trip is going to consist of a looooot of fruit and gelatin. I don't want to bother to think about what to eat and what not to eat on the road. I know every gas station has fruit so fruit will be my friend as we are on the road trip. I even braved airport security with 2 large tins of gelatin for this purpose...

            I have tried pretty much all of the above. S&e isn't mono food of course ... Zero carb is good for leaning out very quickly but also harder to maintain once you add carbs back in. With carb-based "hacks" you have a greater likelihood of maintaining that weightloss once you go back to normal eating. Potato hack isn't just about the monofood effect... Tons of people lose a ton as if they ate negative calories all day.
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